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The most erotic names in the world

Sensual woman with blood-red lipsDo not get the title confused. This is not a list of the world's most popular names. This is a list of the world's most erotic names, the results of which were researched and assembled together by the founder of the website, Laura Wattenberg. Simply by asking the tens of thousands of visitors to her site to rate names for qualities such as sexiness, the results are apparently able to indicate that those male and female names considered most sexy, share certain characteristics that produce feelings of "sensuality and passion". Probably some people would subliminally be inclined to enjoy a one night stand or would even risk having a fling with somebody bearing these names.Of course, when deciding on a name for your newborn son of daughter, the likelihood of you considering the eroticism of their name as one of its distinguishing elements is, well, a bit on the wrong side. However, the majority of the names that topped the list in both the male and female categories share distinctly foreign elements than more traditional American or British sounding names. This is important when you reflect that is US based, whose visitors are primarily female, meaning that the results reflect a more female voice than male.

Gender centred

Four out of the top five boys' names to top the list end in the typically gender specific -o, whereas two in the girl's end in the feminine -a. Diminutives also signify a more suggestive name, with female ones that feature the double -t in particular conjuring up images of a fledgling sexpot, no doubt in the throes of her newly developed hormones and desires, destroying hapless marriages in her wake.Below is a list of the Top 5 sexiest names for boys and girls, as voted by mums, presumably, over at Alessandro2. Lorenzo3. Rhett4. Romeo5. MateoGIRLS1. Scarlett2. Nicolette3. Natalia4. Anaïs5. Paulina

I don't know about you, but the annoyingly uncertain nature of pronouncing names such as Anaïs would irritate me for the rest of my years if I were never able to spell it properly on a typical UK or US keyboard, let alone spell it out to anyone over the phone. I can already envisage the resulting exchanges, "Ana? Anaze? Can you spell that for me? - A-N-A-and what's that? Two dots you say? No, we don't have that."However, this is something a guy should not discuss with a girl after sex, if he wants it to happen again. Because nothing is as offensive to a person as questioning the beauty of his/her name.

Italian stallions

With the exception of the unexotic sounding, consonant clustered Rhett, all of the male names in the Top 5 are distinctly Italian in flavour, with the women's gearing more towards French shades. Even 80 years after the publication of Gone with the Wind, the two love-town wartime protagonists at the centre of the story are still romancing our view of the names Rhett and Scarlett. Though I would bet that the latter has more to do now with a certain babe of an actress, than the American Civil War era character (as much as I love the idea of literature informing our name choices).Part of the reason for our love affair with more Mediterranean sounding names is perhaps the enduring image of the Latin lover, which Americans, Australians and non-southern Europeans still hold as a positive typecast for those nations where Latin elements are seen as part of the culture.Of the remainder of the Top 10 list, there are few surprises. Namely that I've personally never heard of the number 8 entry into the girl's list, Soraya; and have yet to meet a Rémy (number 10 for the boys), or a rather erudite sounding Dante. The distinctly Russian Dmitri conjures up the more intense of the three brothers in Dostoevsky's The Brother Karamazov, and is definitely more sexy than other Slavic offerings, such as your Vladislavs and Ivans of the world.BOYS6. Dimitri7. Dane8. Marcelo9. Dante10. RémyGIRLS6. Alessandra7. Chanel8. Soraya9. Adrianna10. Giuliana

Young attractive man standing in front of the Colosseum

To wear one's heart on one's sleeve

When Wattenburg, the creator the aforementioned Baby Name Wizard, was asked as to why she chose to conduct a survey to determine the perceived sexiness inherent in a name, she replied, "We all carry around our own images of names based on our own personal experience. It's nice to get a different perspective... We wanted to be able to give our visitors a sense of how the name plays to other people."If a name was to have an effect on our impressions of a person, then we can assume that those impressions also depend on not the named, but on the person making them. If Lorenzo sounds achingly Italian and erotic in nature, then how about Lorre? The more common shortened version you are more likely to hear the Lorenzos of the world being referred to by in Italy. Dimitri becomes Dima in Russia, and Dante becomes the rather normal sounding Dan. And who doesn't already know about a hundred different people with name Dan?

There's more to a name than meets the eye

My name can be described as the adjectival form of a popular flower, often given on Valentine's Day. Actually, I think my mother made a good choice when she demanded I be given such a chirpy name, and didn't even give my father a choice. In fact, we all liked it so much, that years later we gave one of our cats the same name. Whereas it is no understatement that a person becomes their name, I feel that mine, would have somehow suited me less if I had grown into the Amazonian Claudia Schiffer that I know I was destined to be. Saying that, I have a billion friends called Sarah, and all of them take on a different form in my mind: there's just Sarah, and then there's SaRAH and also SaaarA!

So what if your name doesn't appear on the list?

Well, so what? Using Lorenzo as my example of choice again, I can confirm that in Italy (from where my boyfriend comes, and I have just asked his opinion) Lorenzo is a bit 'meh'. Normal. Nothing spesh. On the other hand, take the slightly anemic sounding Ian, transport it over to Russia, and no one will know what on earth you just said; which has the added result of making your rather officy sounding first name, an unpronounceable foreign entity. Which nearly makes always makes everything a bit sexier.

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