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Why so many women dream about a same sex experience

Sexy lesbian going down on her good-looking girlfriendSame sex sexual fantasies feature highly on many women's list of titillating cravings, with many of them stating that apart from dominance and submission encounters, girl-on-girl action rates right up there on their sexual list of satisfying and exciting things to think about prior to and during sex. Far from feeling that this is taboo, many women are embracing it as well as talking and even writing about it. Most women have probably had this type of fantasy at least once (sex, where no one has to cum in your face, who would not dream about that?), if they are not engaging in films, porn channels and literature on the subject.This seems to be true no matter the age, marital status, gender identity, sexual preferences or hormonal phase of the women surveyed. Same sex fantasies appear to be as common among married, straight women as they among bisexual, transgender and lesbian women. Our sisters, it would seem are excited by the idea of being with other women and there is no getting around it. Same sex content is here to stay on more levels than one and it's time we set about accepting its role in our sexuality.Yes, women do fantasize and when they do, they rate the idea of a same sex liason being one of their favorite and most frequently called upon sexual recreations. Why is this? What is it about a same sex encounter that the average woman finds so intriguing and is it something that may women would like to make a reality, or is it an ideal that they are more comfortable with as a fantasy? Would the average woman take her mental sexual cravings and translate them into practice, either with her current partner in a menage a trois, possibly in a swinger couple or alone?

The psychology behind same sex fantasies

Like most female sexual fantasies there are a number of mental, emotional and psychological factors which play into the idea of a same sex union. As late as the 70's it was assumed that is was mostly men who indulged in sexual fantasy as a recreational sex aid and therefore wanted a fling once in a while. Women were not seen as being capable or interested in indulging in sexual fantasy and it was a topic that went largely neglected when it came to explaining and describing women's sexuality. Obviously it was the trend for women to remain tight-lipped.Burgeoning feminism and sexuality in the decades that followed raised the question whether in fact, women also used sexual fantasy as a way to heighten their sexual experience, whether with a partner or during self-pleasuring. The answer, as attested to by the number of articles, interviews, books and comments of sex experts began to reveal, was that women fantasized as much as men and enjoyed the role that it played in their lives.

Women and bisexuality

Two lovely women kissing passionatelySame sex fantasy plays a large part in the sexual fantasies of many women, alongside other fantasies of dominance and submission, sex with a famous or notable personality, voyeurism, role playing and being watched. The fantasy of two women experimenting with oral sex, kissing, touching as well as three or more lesbians engaging in penetrative sex using a dildo is extremely common.A girl-on-girl fantasy is very common and does not necessarily occur more frequently in lesbian women, than in straight women. Women often note that they appreciate the fact that another women would understand the female body and genitalia better than some do, resulting in at least, the perception that a woman would in many ways, be able to please them physically in many ways that a man would just not understand.Women who have actually been with other women, either in the context of a lesbian or bisexual relationship may call upon these fantasies as a way of remembering a titillating experience. Many of these women state, that their female lovers were far superior to their male ones and if they were to choose, they would opt for a female lover, usually due to the increased sensitivity these women showed during the sexual encounter.

Why women do it?

One of the most often cited reasons for women engaging in same sex fantasy is that many women find it an acceptable sexual image. Whether lesbian or not many women see the idea of two women together as less taboo than, for example, a threesome, orgy or sex with a younger man. As women have become more in tune with their own sexuality, it is easy to see how we would begin to appreciate the sexuality, appearance and beauty of the women around us, indeed we are encouraged to do so.Fantasizing about another woman may also be a safe option and far more acceptable in the minds of some women, than dreaming about sex with a man who is not your husband, an ex lover or a younger woman. To women, others of the same gender may be less threatening emotionally during a fantasy than an unknown man.Fantasizing about women has another added bonus: it's likely to drive your man wild! Fantasizing about two women together is one of the most often cited fantasies of the male population, so chances are that telling your man can only improve your sexual experience with him too. So revealing your same sex fantasies can improve your sexual experiences in general. For lesbian partners this can become titillating too, as the idea of three or four women experiencing sex together is just as exciting to lesbian partners.Women who are stuck in a rut sexually may find it sexually liberating to engage in the idea of sex with somebody other than their partners. Since it may feel taboo to fantasize about a man, other than her committed partner, she may opt, instead to think about sex with women. The beauty and femininity of women provides plenty of scope for the imagination as they can imagine the skin, hair, physical attributes like breast size and buttock shape as they escalate their own pleasure.Its also become commonplace to see two women together. From TV, films, social media, porn sites, erotic literature and even advertising, we are bombarded of images rendering same sex acceptable, desirable and even preferable for some. This has made it easier for women to admit their innermost feelings and when they do, we find that same sex encounters rate highly in the annals of most women's sexual history and are likely to continue to do so as same sex relationships, including marriage become more and more a normal event, not a mystifying choice.

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