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6 Potential Reasons Why Your Guy Has Stopped Texting You

Millions of women know the pain and frustration that strikes when a man suddenly stops texting. The early stages of a budding romance can be exciting — to the extent there there simply isn’t enough spare time in the day to text as much as you’d like.

attractive man ignoring her text
Do you want to know what annoyed him?

So when the messages suddenly dry up, things can get a little depressing. If this has happened to you, you probably wondered whether or it was something you did. In most cases, men stop texting because they’ve either become bored or they’ve found something “better”.

However, there is a chance that you did something to annoy the guy. There are a few unwritten rules when it comes to exchanging steamy texts with a potential fuck buddy, and you may have broken one or more of them in the past.

Exchanging texts of instant messages has become part and parcel of dating, so it’s important that you know how to do it right — otherwise potential relationships could be ended before they’ve really had a chance to get started.

  • Have you ever found yourself staring at your phone, waiting for the next text notification to pop up on the screen?
  • Does your mind race away, trying to figure out why the guy hasn’t replied to your last three texts?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, don’t worry — you’re not alone!

While some guys will always stop texting once they’ve simply had enough, there are a few reasons why this might be your fault — so avoid them at all costs.

1. You’re Just Too Available

During those early days of online romance with a guy, you’re probably spending a lot of time checking your phone for messages. A little dirty chat with a potential sex buddy can be exciting, but you need to let things happen naturally.

Men like the thrill of the chase, and when they think the chase is over, they might become bored and move onto the next prey. While it might take every ounce of willpower you can muster, try not to respond immediately to every text message you receive.

Wait a couple of hours before you reply, which should sow a seed of doubt in the guy’s mind. He’ll be doubting himself and his abilities to charm you, and before too long he’ll be checking his own phone for messages.

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble finding the willpower needed to ignore your guy’s text messages, put your phone out of reach for a while. If you’re at work, lock it away, or ask a friend to keep it for you. Even better, leave your phone at home when you go to work.

2. You’ve Bored Him

The first few days of flirty texts and online romance should be exciting, adventurous and unpredictable. While your guy might like to hear from you regularly, he probably won’t want to know about your sore feet or what you’re eating for lunch.

If you find yourself talking about boring subjects simply to keep the conversation going, this guy probably isn’t the right one for you. Also, avoid asking him how he is, or if he’s OK.

Keep things fun, sexy and unpredictable to keep him interested.

3. You’ve Sent Him Someone Else’s Message

If you’re playing the field and texting more than one guy at the same time, there is always a chance that you might send the wrong message to the wrong person.

lady with mobile on her hands waiting for a text
Stop staring at your phone and being available!

Guys have pretty simple needs, and one of the most basic is the need to feel like the centre of your universe. If he discovers that he’s one of a long line of men receiving texts from you, he might look for a girl who is prepared to give him her undivided attention.

Pro tip: If you’re texting more than one guy at the same time, take a moment just before you hit “send” to check that the message is on its way to the correct recipient.

4. He’s Texting Other Women at the Same Time

Men like to maximise their chances of success when it comes to texting women. It is not unusual for a guy to be messaging half a dozen girls at the same time, which means you’re competing for his attention.

If you’ve noticed he’s stopped texting or the frequency of his texts has reduced, there’s a very good chance that another woman has attracted his interest. As long as you’re being yourself and not being too needy, don’t be too hard on yourself.

After all, it’s his loss.

Pro Tip: Ask your guy if he’s met someone else, and try to find out why he stopped texting you — as this will help you to improve your texting techniques in the future.

5. He Has no Intention of Committing to You

Let’s face it: Most men start texting virtual strangers in the hope that it will lead to sex. If a guy suspects that you’re coming on too strong and have certain expectations about where things go from here, he could become frightened.

If you’re looking for fun and some casual sex, just tell him the truth — explaining that you’re not interested in any long-term commitments.

However, if you’re in search of something longer lasting, cut your losses and move onto the next guy.

6. You’re Sending too Many Texts

This is probably the most common reason why guys stop texting women during the early stages of a relationship. If a man is having to reply to your messages every three minutes, that is going to become tedious and annoying very quickly.

woman wondering why he stopped texting her
Don't get confused, let it go and improve your technique with the next one.

Firing off a text every few seconds means you’re probably just waffling about nothing very interesting, and that is certain to kill your new relationship before it really gets started. When it comes to flirty texts, less is definitely more.

Texting and so-called “sexting” are great ways to get the passion going during the first few weeks of a relationship. Staying in touch and having some fun at the same time can be just what a fledgling romance needs.

However, by making one of these six mistakes, you could be jeopardising what could be a promising relationship.

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