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Countries where girls think the hottest guys are from

With every year comes yet more updated surveys on Sexiest Celebrities Alive and Top 100 Sexiest People in the World Ever. Are the celebrities we find irresistible in 2015 liable to influence our preferences in members of the opposite (or same) sex in 2016? There was already some article about the most erotic names in the world, now we are going to investigate what makes the womenfolk of you tick when it comes to different nationalities of men; and at the end, we will reveal from which countries do the hottest men come from (regardless of how good or bad they are at flirting) based on our careful research.

A group of male surfers standing by the sea

Those lovely ladies (and dashing men) over at kindly collate together the votes from their (presumably) female audience to compile for us year on year a list of Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities (and when we say us, we actually mean you), and the results may surprise you. Before we relay their and our results, we’d like to first communicate that this is in no way a definitive list, and if you don’t agree with the results, we fully encourage you to go out and do your own empirical research. We’d be happy to compare results.

10. Spain

I lived in Spain for one summer, and managed to somehow avoid the opportunity of shacking up with a lovely Spaniard and instead hooked up with a boy from Leeds, where I happened to live the rest of the time anyway. Nevertheless, Spanish boys are a fun, fruity, touchy-feely lot who are capable of seducing without even being anywhere close to the male-equivalent scale of Penelope Cruz. These boys have got skills.

9. Danish

This is news to me. I live in Germany, and I’m just going to assume that there are similarities between the two, such as: being exceedingly tall, having exceedingly deep voices from time to time, fair hairs, piercing blue eyes, a love for computer science and Milka. The icy Germanics are more than capable of melting your heart, and they’re a lot of fun too. An added bonus is that you can even act a bit like a boy yourself from time to time. So if you forget to wax one winter, it’s all fun and laughs!

8. Nigerian

I have a cousin from Nigeria. He was a footballer for Wigan FC back in the 90s and was a very popular guy with both the lads and the ladies. Now, it would be a bit weird to comment on the sex appeal of my cousin, but I can attest that Nigerians are a bloody bundle of laughs. The accent is just the best! (You will start to imitate.) Moreover, the male folk have a hugely charismatic mash of exuberance and friendliness that makes them very likeable, and likely to rein you in.

7. Italian

Ahhh, the Italians. The only males capable of dressing more feminine than you yet still manage to look damn fine. Pink shirts and no socks never looked so suave. It’s like the country and its natural fruits manage to make even eating a pizza sexy. Italians I can personally attest to, and recommend. However, unlike their Germanic neighbours, you cannot ever avoid your razor duties with this lot, ladies. Ever.

6. Scottish & 5. England

Yeh, I’ve lumped these two together. I’m from the UK and yes, maybe the genes vary ever so slightly from one side of Hadrian’s Wall and the other. I’m going to hazard a guess and say that it’s the accent that does it for those of you with a penchant for a tasty Scottish oatcake. Fantastic sense of humour and drinking buddies as well. This means that it’s the same for the English, except slightly inverted. It’s as if one is red, and the other blue. Or brooding whiskey versus sexily sipped tea.

Young and smiling businessman wearing a suit and a tie

4. American

So this has to be a personality thing, because Americans technically come from everywhere. Probably some of the best conversationalists in the world on any subject you can think of; this is a nation who can quite literally talk you into bed and keep you there with a mean breakfast.

3. Pakistani

The Leeds lad I mentioned earlier, he’s half Pakistani and all I can say is hell yes. A superlative should not stand in the place for proper reasoning, but Pakistani men can be some truly beautiful hotties. If you don’t fall for those dark almond-shaped eyes, then you’ll definitely be jealous of their long lashes and killer smiles. You want to go there.

2. Australian

I didn’t get the deal with Australian men until I started working in the tourist industry. I thought they were just like my fellow kindred from the UK, just a bit chirpier because of all that good weather and health. But I was definitely underestimating the mark here. Definitely some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and the reason you like Australians is the same reason you like Scots. Charisma, sense of humour, and some hot beach bods definitely help to put them close to the top of this list.

1. Irish

Yeh, I know! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never visited the emerald isle, despite having grown up only a boat ride away; so I’m curious to find out from you guys what’s gotten you so hot under the collar for our Irish fellas. Accent is an obvious one. I mean, I wish I even had an Irish accent. I would sit and listen to myself all day. A little research has produced a few interesting possible reasons as to why the tiny island of Ireland has so captured your fancy. One is that Irish men are very commitment orientated and see settling down with their bonnie lass for life as one of the ultimate attainments in a person’s life. Another is freckles. A third is the mixt of Celtic brusqueness with chivalrous manners; meaning they’ll get steaming drunk with you, and pay for the taxi ride home. I think a lot of you ladies will agree that this is a winning combination.

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