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You May Be Saying More Than You Think With Your Kinky Sexts

Are you sure that your sexts are as successful as they look before you click the send button? You might think they are witty, sexy and right on the money, but that may not be the case.

attractive naked man on bed sexting
Do you want to persuade someone to leap into bed with you?

In fact, your style and content could be turning the recipients off as much as turning them on.

Here's why you may be saying more than you think, and how to refine your sexting technique.

Emojis Aren't Always Your Friend

These days, text messages can be much more creative and, in theory, expressive thanks to emojis. However, these flexible and quirky little critters can be counterproductive when you are trying to sext your way into bed.

Too many emojis can be seen as either an inability to communicate what you really want, or signs of insecurity. So use them sparingly and stick to full-on kinky text.

Sending Dick Pics Isn't a Sign of Self Confidence

If the aim of sexting is to persuade someone to leap into bed with you, sending pictures of your penis might not be the best tactic. Sure, it may seem hard to resist (for some reason), but think twice before you take a snap of your little guy.

Many recipients will see a resort to dick pics as a sign of immaturity and insecurity, which may not be far off the mark.

There's Nothing Wrong with Regular Sexts

Do you send sexts every day, while your partner hardly ever responds? If so, it may not be a reason to dial back. In fact, studies have found that couples who regularly send erotic text messages are more likely to have sex than those who don't.

Pro Tip #1: Don't act needy, stick with your ideas

When you start a kinky narrative or start describing what you want to do with a girl, at some stage you're going to want some feedback, right? That's only natural, but beware. Don't end every kinky section with a question like "You like that?" or "What's up?" Have confidence.

Even if she's not the flirting type, if your sex life isn't suffering, you might want to keep up your rate of sexts.

Who knows? It could be sending her wild with desire. Let her come back. Give her time, and don't come across as needy.

Letting Your Imagination Run Wild is a Great Idea

If sending dick pics as a seduction technique doesn't usually work, getting creative and showing your imaginative side definitely does. Guys who write erotic scenarios that they would love to play out with their contacts are often much more successful.

pretty lady receiving a hot sext from a guy
Get creative and start describing what you want to do with her.

A little fiction and fun goes a long way. It doesn't just entertain her. It also shows that you have the creativity to excel in bed.

Uncommunicative Guys Rarely Succeed

Sexting is a two-way street, right? That means guys need to be responsive to the replies they get. They need to keep their wits about them and provide much more than monosyllabic phrases like "sure" and "uh-huh".

If you just let the girl make the running, she won't be impressed. She's much more likely to get bored. You might think you're being aloof and cool, but you probably come across as a boring douche.

Girls Can See Through Uber-Sensitive Guys, and That's Good

When you're shy and sensitive, sexting doesn't come naturally. Let's be honest, telling girls what you really want to do with them isn't the kind of language you learn in High School.

If you are the kind of guy who sends toned down, sensitive sexts about caressing and kissing, don't worry. Any girl can see that it's code for something much more physical, and it's sweet that you haven't resorted to cruder language.

Constant Jokes Will (Eventually) Turn Her Off

Humor - how much should a skillful sexter rely on it? This is actually a really important question, and there's no easy answer.

But one thing's clear: if you always act the clown, she'll stop taking your sexuality seriously and see you as... a clown. And no-one wants to have sex with a clown (well, most people). Joking is vital. After all, laughter is the biggest aphrodisiac.

But there's a point where you need to get serious.

Honesty is Sometimes the Best Policy

Not always, but sometimes. The thing is: when you're sexting you need to create a private reality, a place where the two of you are essentially engaging in foreplay via your phones. Being straight up about what you are wearing or your workload isn't always the best way to set the scene.

But staying with sexting exchanges when your partner mentions more down to earth things is sexy. It shows that you aren't just interacting for selfish motives. So stick with it. Don't disengage when she starts talking about other things.

Pro Tip #2: If you know what you want, be specific.

When you're into a girl and she's sent you her pics, you'll have a good idea of what you really, really want to do. So use your imagination and verbal skills, and tell her exactly what's in your mind. Be specific and show your experience.

Let her know how much pleasure you'll be giving her, and create an image she won't forget.

Sexting with MILFs isn't the Same as with Younger Girls

You might think that sexting is universal, but you'd be wrong. Studies suggest that sexting is much more popular when younger people are involved. So, if you are flirting with a horny MILF, maybe other avenues are a better idea.

gorgeous blonde sexting
When sexting be natural and don't disengage easily.

Sexy chat rooms or kinky phone chats might be a better place to put your verbal skills to work.

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