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What do guys really think about intimate piercings?

Young babe with a nipple and navel piercingSo – you've decided to take the big plunge and get your nipples or maybe even go farther than that and have your genital area pierced in some way. Congrats! Self-expression is always a good thing. If you're in a relationship, you already know what your significant other thinks of the deal. But what about if you're single or have a swinging lifestyle? Are most guys cool with piercings anywhere and everywhere these days, or are you going to be limiting yourself to choosing from the margins of society – the obviously tattooed and pierced dating pool (or the ones who are into BDSM) forever?

In reality – like most other things in life – it depends on the guy.

Misconceptions about piercing

Before we get to the guys in your life, let's clear up any misconceptions you may have about piercing itself. First of all, yes it's very safe if you go to a reputable piercing shop. Other concerns may come about because of the placement.

Nipple piercings - if done properly, you won't lose any of the feeling, can take them out anytime you like and they won't interfere with breastfeeding. Another good point: anytime you feel like you don't want the piercings anymore, you can just remove them and they'll heal with barely a scar at all.

Genital piercings - again the key is to have them done by a reputable and experienced piercer, one who will first have a consultation to determine what parts of you are actually suitable for piercing (and not all are!) They are safe and once healed, quite sanitary. In terms of area, piercings may be placed in a variety of areas. Types of female genital piercing include:

  • Clitoral hood piercing - either vertical or horizontal;
  • Inner or outer labia - which can add friction during sexual intercourse;
  • Triangle piercing - where the piercing happens in the fleshy part just behind the clitoris (not possible on everyone!)
  • Fourchette - this goes in the loose skin (which some women do not have) underneath on the bottom side of the vagina - also very enjoyable re: friction.
  • The Princess Diana - here the piercings go to the side of the clitoral hood.
  • Clitoris - a piercing through the actual clitoris is rather more serious and quite rare. If that's your choice, be careful to select a piercer who specializes in genital piercing for the best and safest results.

Yes - some guys will hate them

So let's get the bad news out of the way: yes, there will be guys out there who hate the very idea of piercings no matter where they are. Those guys may be:

  • Older and just not used to the whole idea of body modifications;
  • Ultra conservative and unable to enjoy anything that's even a little bit out of the ordinary;
  • Unadventurous and not willing to try anything new;
  • Uninformed and under the impression piercings are dangerous and unsanitary;
  • Worst of all - someone who doesn't like the idea of women taking charge of their own bodies and their own sexuality!

Some of the attitudes you may encounter come from ignorance - and that's easy to correct with a little information. But, you may well find that genital piercings are those that the most people object to. Let's face it - men have a relationship with their penis. They often give it a name and it's a vital part of who they are. Women, on the other hand, even in this day and age are often still a little mystified by their own anatomy. Certainly, it's not an area of the body women express pride in the same way as men.

Genital piercing says, "Hey, I'm proud of this beautiful thing!" and there may well be some guys out there who still aren't down with that idea. But – are you really interested in any of them?

Why guys love piercings

Naked girl with a navel piercing covering her vaginaThe good news is that most guys absolutely adore the idea of a woman who loves her own body and is into her own sexuality – and not afraid to express that, except maybe on the first date. It shows a sense of imagination and there's nothing sexier than that. It's probably also a generational thing, where men under 35 are most likely to love them and men over 55 most likely to be ambiguous at best, hate them at worst. Some other reasons why guys tend to love intimate piercings:

  • It's highly erotic! It shows you don’t mind enhancing your body and it ramps up that naughtiness factor – it's like foreplay before you've even begun;
  • It shows you're into your own body and pleasure;
  • They're beautiful and enhance your body;
  • It's something the world can't see – it's just for you and your sexual partners and that fact alone elevates the sense of sexual intimacy - there's something super sexy about a secret part of you only they can see;
  • It feels good! Many genital piercings can actually enhance the feeling of sexual intercourse for them.

Why get pierced?

In the end, only you can decide if you want to get piercings anywhere - and most especially your nipples or genital area. Don't let "what guys think" guide you in a decision about your own body... even if it's a natural question to have. Piercings say,

  • I love my body!
  • I love my sexuality!
  • I'm an individual and I want to express myself!

If it makes you feel sexy and spontaneous, then go for it. The guys that don't like it and wouldn't date you because of it aren't worth the trouble when it makes you feel good and there are so many who do LOVE piercings.

You can't please everybody, but you can please yourself – and then find someone who loves you for that too.

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