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Understanding Hotel Room Sex

Like most people in a long time relationship, sex in the bedroom is most likely a routine. Sex done routinely lacks that magical spark, right?

horny couple having hotel sex
Indulge in some thrilling sex.

There’s fantastic solution to break this routinely sex; having sex in a hotel. So, finally, you get to take a few days’ vacation away with your better half Just to get away from the pressures and realities of life.

No taking out the garbage, sorting out bills or taking care of the dirty laundry for as long as the vacation is on.

It’s just you and your fuck buddy, doing whatever you so wish, without a care in the world and not having to clean up after your mess once you’re done. Talk about sexual liberation and taking your sex life to a whole new level.

Love the sound of that? I know I do. Wondering how you can ignite the flames into one hell of an unforgettable experience while in the hotel room? Well, read on and find out everything you need to know about hotel room sex.

Why Should You Have Hotel Sex?

There are some people who prefer hotel room sex and there are reasons why you should too:

  1. You get to use the spring, hot tub or pool and try out sex in the water or perhaps unwind next to your fuck buddy.
  2. You get all the time to yourself which may be elusive while you’re at home, especially if you live with your family or friends. This may be an obstacle to getting the suitable place and time to get a little nookie. It’s especially made worse with thin walls where active sex is simply elusive.
  3. You don’t have to make up the bed or clean up after your mess, someone else does it.
  4. It’s perfect for role play and you can be that hot cop waiting to catch that lawbreaker or better yet, a pizza delivery guy waiting to serve a starved customer. Essentially, you can be whoever you want to be without worrying about.
  5. If you are an adventurous person, you’ll feel wild and naughtier having sex elsewhere rather than your same old bedroom. This is particularly the main reason why engaging in hotel room sex would is recommended if you’ve never done it before! It can bring out the best in you sexually and can add some life to your sex life.
handsome couple having water sex
Take your sex life to a new level.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Fancy Hotel Room Sex?

  • Bed Bugs: Sadly, these tiny creatures have become quite cumbersome and hotels in larger cities have not been left behind. If by chance, you happen to carry one and go home with it, your entire house will be infested with them in the long run.
  • Cost: It’s a given that cozy and great hotels don’t come cheap and that’s why you can’t get hotel sex as much as you’d have wished to. Opting for the cheaper hotels is also not a better option as security and sanitation may be compromised. Additionally, cheap hotels also lack amenities.
  • Playing the Disappearing Act: Now, you have the cash for a fantastic hotel that’s on the A-list but escaping without your friends or family getting curious is something else. Taking some time away with your lover is out of the ordinary and is bound to raise suspicion. If you frequently travel for work or vacation, you just might get away with it.

Tips For Mind-Blowing Hotel Sex

1. Get Them Ready for Action

Some days before your trip, take your time and complement your partner. Make them feel great about themselves. Send them texts and emails that will instantly give them a vivid image of what you want to do and how often you’ll do that for them.

Let them shudder at the thought and let them yearn for the moment when it will all unfold right in front of them.

2. Mind the Neighboring Guests

Please keep in mind that there are guests who might be accompanied by there entire family. It’s therefore good to minimize the noise. You may take advantage of this and probably gag your lover if you’re into bondage.

Better yet, you might opt to wait until guests rise up early in the morning and leave their hotel room to indulge in some thrilling sex that you haven’t experienced in a long time.

3. Arrive Separately

If you want the much awaited night or weekend to be one of the most thrilling sexual encounters, hoping with your man into the isn’t the way to go. Add some thrill into the adventure by showing up differently.

Maybe you could wait up for your man lying on the bed in your sexy lingerie or he’ll have organized an excellent romantic evening. You’ll have to agree that breaking away from the usual bedroom setting is simply exciting and coming in different cars adds the icing on the cake.

4. Pack Appropriately

It goes without saying that since you’re away from home, packing appropriately and adequately is necessary. Here’s how your checklist should look like: Lube, Condoms, sex toys, lingerie and birth control.

This is just a sample checklist, you might need more items to add on the list or you may do away with others. Imagine that you’re at the hotel room and realize that you’ve forgotten condoms and you can’t use the latex condoms since you are allergic to them.

The local gas station only carries that kind. It would be such a downer forgetting something as important as condoms. For a great night or weekend away, take your time and pack everything you’ll need and pay attention to detail while you’re at it.

5. Try out A Couple’s Package

The high end and fancy hotels offer a couple’s package tailored to your needs and specifications. These packages are typically available on Valentine’s Day but you could organize one for that romantic escapade.

SPA couple time in a hotel
A Romantic Escapade is not complete without a SPA day.

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