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Countries with the highest infidelity rate

In early 2015 the British tabloid magazine published a study that was conducted by The Richest to reveal which nationalities. A are most likely to cheat. The study was done in conjunction with Durex condoms,, Ashley Madison, Flirtfair and others. Here are their findings.

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Finland: 36%

Coming in at number 10 is Finland. Technically speaking, Fins don't cheat. Instead, they have "parallel relationships" - which may be worth trying out if you get caught! The parallel relationship rate among middle-aged and younger Finds declined sharply through 2010. A survey conducted by also found that 1/5 married men in Finland have had affairs with over ten woman, which is seven times higher than the rate among Finnish women!

United Kingdom: 36%

Brits aren't well known for their exciting sex lives. Rather, they are usually mocked by their European neighbors for being prude. But this survey may have finally revealed the real truth. In fact, the owner of Ashley Madison once claimed that over 1 million Brits are interested in having an affairs. Still, about half of British respondents who admitted to having an affairs said that they regretted it - about twice the rate of the French!

Spain: 39%

While not as passionate and fiery as their cuisine, this southern European nation comes in at number eight. Spaniards claim that religion and convention inhibit extramarital activity - particularly the strongly Catholic regions. Still, they claim one of the highest divorce rates at over 60%.

Belgium: 40%

According to New Europe magazine, Belgian dating site Gleeden has over 1.1 million members - that's 10% of the entire population! - with adviser Chantal Bauwens asserting that cheating is no longer taboo in the country.

Norway: 41%

A Norwegian website called Victoria Milan found that new registrations on their site rose by 78% during a recent heat wave. This means that Norwegians are less likely to cheat during the cold winter months - besides, with a nation as small as Norway you need to be extra careful that you're not having an affair with a relative!

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France: 43%

France is the only country on this list in which most citizens deem it morally acceptable to have an affairs - and only 28% of adulterers said they regretted it. When their President's approval ratings increase when news surfaces that he is having an affair, you know that the nation sees infidelity in a different light.

Germany: 45%

While surprising to most, Germans are even more amorous than the French. However, they remain quieter and more discreet than their neighbors. Germans were second behind the French with 60% viewing infidelity as morally acceptable. They were also the most egalitarian, with 40% of men and 43% of women confessing to adultery - the highest in the European Union!

Italy: 45%

The birthplace of Giacomo Casanova, Italy has the third highest rate of adultery in the world. Surprisingly, although this rate continues to increase, Italy still has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. This could have something to do with the fact that they are really good at hiding their escapades.

Denmark: 46%

While not as popular for sex and porn as Hamburg or Amsterdam, Copenhagen is still regarded as a social and erotic arena. Cheating site Victoria Milan is alive and well here, which has recently seen a large increase in membership - mostly from women. This is a sign of growing equality between the sexes. With this Scandinavian country always scoring highly on the happiness of its citizens surveys, I suppose we now know the reason why.

Thailand: 56%

Thailand grabs the top spot with 56% of its population admitting to having had an affair. Bangkok's Patpong is one of the world's most notorious red light districts, and the sex-trade is a large chunk of its economy - much to the dismay of most Thais. While there isn't necessarily a direct relation between the two, the industry contributes to a laizzez-faire mentality among Thais, which has led to the highest adultery rate in the world.

Of course, these are the results of just one survey - depending on who you ask, maybe your country ranks in the top ten. Even though the Ten Commandments advice against it 'thou shalt not commit adultery' it hasn't seemed to have stopped many men and women around the world from fulfilling their sexual pleasures with someone other than their partner. In fact, one survey found that over 80% of Americans consider adultery to be more objectionable than suicide, polygamy, or even human cloning.As for the reasons why people cheat, that's a different story for a different day. The point here is that a lot of people cheat - and though that doesn't necessarily make it right, there is some comfort in the fact that many people do it. Just be sure the the person with whom you are having an affair is someone who you trust - both sexually and mentally. This is important because the majority of people do not commit adultery to harm their partner - they are simply seeking sexual satisfactions that their partner cannot provide. This is no fault of theirs. You may - and probably do - love your partner very much, however they are simply unable - or no longer able - to satisfy you sexually.

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