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8 Important Rules to Abide at a Swingers Party

A party for swingers is a great opportunity to have sex with virtual strangers in a fun, safe and cooperative environment. In most cases, these parties are open for couples and partners only, and entry depends on abiding by several rules.

swinger couples getting friendly
Be prepared and make it right since the first time!

Breaking these rules can cause friction with other partygoers, and in some cases, ejection for the party altogether. If you’re about to head out to a swingers party, it’s a good idea to be aware of the most common rules that apply to these proceedings.

While they may not be exactly the same as the rules of your party, they will be very similar — and knowing them will help you and your partner to have the best time possible.

1. Both of you should attend

Unless there is a specific rule on singles, the chances are you and your partner have been invited to the proceedings. It will be deemed rude and a little weird if you roll up to the door on your own. Other partygoers and swingers might feel very uncomfortable around singles, so never go on your own unless you’ve checked that you’re allowed to.

2. Don’t be late

Swingers plan these parties for several weeks. They are often trying to fit a lot of events into a very small timescale, and even being late by just a few minutes could throw the schedule into disarray. Also, if you turn up late, encounters will already be underway around the venue. This will make it very difficult to get into the action yourself.

3. Be courteous to other swingers

If you simply approach other swingers at the party asking for sex, you won’t get very far. Depending on the theme and general tone of the festivities, you will need to chat over a drink or snacks first. Although there will be an expectation of sex, this will be by no means a certainty. Be kind, considerate and respectful, and you should find your casual sex partner — or partners — without too much effort.

4. Respond to your invitation ASAP

Groups of swingers are very tight and loyal, and getting in with them can be very difficult.

To receive an invitation to a party should be regarded as a major honour, so the last thing you should do is fail to respond if you’re unable to attend. Simply ignoring an invitation because you have other plans will aggravate your hosts. They might plan for your attendance, and not turning up might disrupt their plans for the evening.

If this happens, another invitation in the future is very unlikely.

5. Never go empty-handed

You should never roll up to a party for swingers without a gift. A bottle of wine, some food, flowers or anything that will add to the evening will be acceptable. If you’re unsure, ask your host beforehand if you can help or bring anything. Taking a gift will show your host respect, and it will reflect positively on you when it’s time to pick a partner for an evening of casual sex.

6. Abide by the dress code

Whether your swingers party is a black tie event, fancy dress or casual, it’s important to be prepared. There might be a naked rule, which means you won’t need any form of nightwear. However, you may be required to be dressed while walking around the venue, so pack a bag appropriately.

7. Observe good health and hygiene practices

It is important to be clean and sweet-smelling at a swingers party, so shower and use anti-perspirant just before you head off. Also, pack a small bag of toiletries to keep yourself fresh throughout the evening.

This is not just about respect, it is about attracting your swinging partners successfully. Make sure you know the situation regarding protection too. Do you need to provide your own contraception, or is it provided by the host?

8. Everyone has the right to say “no’

Just because you are attending a swingers party doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to expect sex. Everyone will have the right to refuse sex, so don’t be offended if this happens to you. Be polite, and simply move on to the next person.

Similarly, you should never feel pressured into having sex with someone you don’t feel comfortable with. This is supposed to be an enjoyable, relaxing and exciting event, but being pressurized for sex will simply make it awkward… and even frightening.

Follow these important rules, and your swingers party should really go with a bang!

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