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Sex on vacation - how to hook up with locals or tourists

Part of the joy of going on vacation is the possibility of having a fling and the element of sexual and romantic discovery that it can involve. Exploring new places is so much more fun when you have a love interest to intrigue you. Nothing helps you to learn a language like taking a foreign lover. And, no-one will be able to show you the best bars, clubs, and cultural hotspots like a local. Or, perhaps you have brought your partner or spouse on vacation with you and want to make the most of your romantic experience? Here are a few top tips for having sex on vacation, whether with locals or with other tourists.

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Find out where the locals hang out

If it is a local you are looking to snare, then do a little research before you head out on holiday to find out which bars, clubs and cafes are most popular with the natives. Where do they like to dance? Where do the singles go? If it is other tourists that you want to seduce on the other hand, why not find out where the most popular backpackers' bars and other hangouts are? Going to the right place will increase your chances of finding a vacation romance.

Know local laws and customs

Some much loved holiday destinations are also located within very conservative countries, where some public displays of affection (such as kissing), or acts such as extramarital sex, are frowned upon by the law. So make sure to know where you lie legally before you flirt or have sex on vacation. On a lighter note, it is a good idea to make sure that you know all about local ways of flirting or showing affection in the country that you are planning to visit so that you can recognize the signs when you see them, or even use a few native flirting methods yourself.

Learn a bit of the lingo

Nothing is more attractive than hearing someone speak in a foreign accent. Maybe that's why you are planning on heading abroad in the first place in fact? Perhaps you are a total sucker for hearing English spoken in another accent! This rubs both ways, of course, if you learn a few words of another language, locals are bound to find it cute. If you don't have the time or inclination to master Mandarin before you hop on the plane, though, do not worry. You can always revert to body language. Here, not knowing the local language (or not knowing it well) can work in your favor. By using body language, you draw the other person's attention to your body, which can only be a good thing if you are trying to seduce them.

Holidays with your significant other

Romantic couples can enjoy sex on vacation just as much as singles who are out there playing the field. There is nothing like a new vista to inspire you with desire for each other like never before. And, exploring new places can give you new ideas for your love life, whether than means seeing a romantic film in Rome or checking out the erotic museums of Paris or Berlin. Holidays are a chance to get away from the boring routine of work and so on back home and to rediscover each other as individuals. You could even try public sex with your partner, whether you want to do it on the beach, in the forest or in a public bathroom. And, scientific studies have shown that the adrenaline packed experiences that couples often share on holiday (such as surfing monster waves, scaling mountain peaks, skiing, or just enjoying an unforgettable view) binds them together even more strongly than before.

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What type of holiday romance do you want?

Part of the fun of going on vacation is the sheer volume of new people that you get to meet. If you are single and looking for fun, getting out of your usual dating pool back at home can only be a good thing. Perhaps you want to bag a gap year student, who's taking some time about before uni? Maybe you want to test the rumors about the passion and good looks of Latinos and Latinas? Or maybe you want to rekindle the desire with your very own spouse? Whatever your sex and dating aspirations, a vacation will surely be just what you need.

Watch out - cheater alert

We all know that this happens, right? People go on vacation solo, leaving a significant other back home. Nothing wrong with that but some of those people go on holiday specifically to cheat. Look out for warning signs - like social media profiles showing them with their significant other in pictures, or an unwillingness to start anything more than a holiday fling with you no matter how much you like each other. We're not talking about people who are in poly relationships, of course, where everyone concerned is consenting and everything is above board. We are talking about people who go abroad to go behind their partner's back. It can work the other way of course: locals who are already in relationships might want to take advantage of the fact that you are hopping on a plane home in the morning to have a quick fling, with minimal chances of their current partner bumping into you in the future. Make sure to be aware of where you stand with a holiday fling, no matter how casual, so that you know what you are getting into!

Have fun!

Vacations are such enriching experiences. You get to know a new culture, learn a new language (or perfect your already sharp language skills), make new friends, and even find the love of your life. Even if you do not manage to find someone to hook up with on holiday this time, you are sure to come home with plenty of amazing memories. But, if you are looking for love or lust, going on holiday is a great idea. So follow our tips and be confident as you head out to explore new shores and find a vacation romance.

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