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Sex on the beach - no, not the cocktail!

Of all the forbidden pleasures in the world, sex on the beach has to be one of the most popular, probably even next to one night stands. And yet, in large swathes of the world, sex on the beach is completely forbidden. Perhaps the fact that people run great risks by having sex on the beach is actually the very reason why it is such a sought after thing to do for couples everywhere? Here, we give you the lowdown on why sex on the beach is so popular, and what you can do to ensure that you can fulfil that dream of passionate sex on the sand - without getting caught.

Young couple kissing passionately lying in the sand

The romance of the sands

You have to admit it, beaches with white sands and rolling waves are some of the most romantic settings around. And, Australia is one of the countries with the most popular beaches for having sex on: must be something to do with the soft, clean sands, beautiful vistas, and warm waves. Australia is also home to plenty of nudist beaches (for instance in the Victoria region): so if you want to experiment with some couples' nude sunbathing, but aren't quite ready to try out having sex on the beach just yet, than these can be good places to check out.

The danger element

For many people, it is not just the beautiful beachside setting that makes having sex on the beach such an attractive prospect. Rather, it is the thrill of potentially getting caught in the act. In some countries, having any kind of sex in public places (or even kissing in some areas) is an offence that can earn you a heft punishment so it is always crucial to check out the local laws and customs beforehand to ensure that what is intended to be a little harmless fun doesn't turn too serious. In general, though, a slight frisson of danger can be a real kickstarter for passion.

Finding the perfect location

Go for a romantic saunter down the beach together first, scoping out potential locations. Find somewhere quiet where there are no kids playing nearby, and where you won't be seen by tourist boats, restaurants, water sports clubs, fellow beach goers just wanting to relax, other people having sex on the beach...: you get the picture. You want the location to be private, but also clean: nothing kills passion like having sex on a filthy beach.

Night time is the best time

As well as adding a soft, romantic glow to the whole occasion, darkness and starlight give you extra protection from prying eyes. Beaches tend to be more deserted during the night time too, and the kids will all be in bed. In fact, you will more often than not have the whole beach to yourselves, with the only sounds (apart from your impassioned breathing) being those of the lapping waves. Idyllic.

Tanned man sees his girlfriend bending over on the beach

Bring a towel or blanket

Sand can be sharp and painful. No one wants to feel like they are scraping themselves against sandpaper in what should be one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments of sexual opportunity. Bringing a simple blanket or towel to lie on will ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of the white sand without suffering from its scratchy effects as you have sex on the beach.

Consider a parasol

For added protection from prying eyes, or from the sun if you are planning the more daring act of having sex on the beach during daylight hours, a strategically placed parasol, wind breaker or towel will ensure that you can be a little more adventurous as you have sex on the beach, with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing that people cannot see what you are up to.

Be aware of what is going on around you

Keep an eye out for people approaching, or for boats approaching the shore. If you have chosen your spot well, this should not be an issue at all, but you never know: there might be some intrepid beach combers off on a twilight frolic of their own, or just a late night dog walker heading straight for you. Rather than being a distraction, this can actually add to the fun and thrilling element of having sex on the beach. Always have a plan of what you will do if you see someone approaching: will you pretend you were just cuddling or that you were fast asleep for instance? Will you quickly whip a couple of philosophy books out of your beach bags and pretend you were deeply engrossed in reading them all along? Be prepared!

Keep things quiet

Even the most loudly crashing waves will only conceal a certain amount of noise. So make sure to keep things quiet. Again, this adds to the fun and danger of having sex on the beach, so see this as all part of the thrill rather than a hindrance!

Clean up after yourselves

Bring bags to tidy away any condoms, bottles of lubricant, and so on, and bring them away with you. Littering a beach is always an awful thing to do. Leave the beach as beautiful as you found it. Let other couples enjoy having sex there too, as much as you did!

A great story

Once you have had sex on the beach, you officially have unlimited bragging rights for life. One of the most daring, fun, and popular sexual acts, this is something that you can casually drop into conversation with trusted friends as you share a beer in the bar after your holiday, as you walk along that very beach, or as you sit together in your eighties in a retirement home. So what are you waiting for? Just follow our simple advice and you are sure to have an amazing time as you have sex on the beach. Plan things well, have fun, and don't get caught! Good luck!

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