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The Sex Diet - achieve a dream figure with bedroom exercise

There is a simple reason why many diets and slimming programs have no lasting success: No one wants to do something on a regular basis that is not fun or eat food that is not tasty.

naked couple in a sex session
A sex training will bring you the best results.

However, losing weight by having sex is a totally different matter. Find out how to create your sex diet and training plan here.

A sexy training plan

It is a nuisance:

It is much easier to put on weight that it is to lose it. In order to get rid of the Christmas flab, or the spring spare tyre, you have to use more energy than you consume. However, one’s weaker self is often stronger than the will to go to the gym.

Sitting on the sofa is much more comfortable than jogging. But there is good news for all couch potatoes: You can also burn calories on your favourite item of furniture! We are not just saying “mattress exercise” when we mean sex. What is more natural than enjoying yourself in bed and working on your bikini body or six pack?

banana in the mouth
Try aphrodisiac foods and boost it.

Forget diet pills, slimming powders and counting calories. You do not need a gym membership or buy expensive exercise machines. Bad weather is also no longer an excuse. All you need is a good lover or a partner equally interested in sex training. Then the weight loss program is guaranteed to take care of itself because you won't be able to get enough.

The food scientist Uwe Knop describes in his book "Sex yourself slim" details the benefits of the "sex diet” compared to conventional diets. Knop even gives reasons why sex really helps you lose weight. The unbeatable benefits of the sex diet can be summarized in brief:

  • Both partners enjoy training.
  • You always want to do more.
  • Both partners motivate each other.
  • You carry on even if you have achieved your target weight.
  • There is no yo-yo effect, because the diet never stops.

If you are sceptical right now, take a look at Pauline Potter. After she achieved notoriety as the fattest woman in the world, Mrs Potter lost 45 kg within 8 weeks just by having sex! When she was 300 kg, she could neither stand up unassisted nor go to the toilet.

By having sex up to seven times a day with her (ex) partner Alex, Pauline started to burn fat. This diet is so much fun for both partners that they continue the "training". Alex is even planning to move back in with Pauline.It depends on the position.

Not all sex positions have the same effect. Who lies still underneath, of course, consumes less energy than the wild rider. Nevertheless, with this diet, the following principle applies: Whatever you like, is allowed. Because, even during foreplay or gentle stroking, circulation comes to life and burns calories.

It is logical that the orgasm not only brings extra fireworks, but also burns extra calories. The correct positions do not only bring fun and sexual satisfaction for men and women. In their effect on the muscles, they are even as beneficial as certain exercises in the gym.

2 torsos being measured
Dependeing on the position you can burn even up to 600 calories in an hour!

Here we have chosen the most effective training positions for you:

  1. Ride your pounds away Whoever is on top burns more calories. For women, it is ideal to sit on a man and ride him. You can burn up to 300 calories per hour and also train your back muscles. In turn, in the missionary position, he can really get going. This is especially beneficial for his thighs and abdominal muscles. Because, in the most famous position, he can burn up to 600 calories per hour.
  2. Blowing in the wind All men love a good old blow job. Probably all women would also be keen on satisfying their man orally, if they knew that they can burn up to 250 calories doing so.
  3. Spoon yourself slim Right at the beginning, if you are still "untrained", you will not necessarily want to ride hard seven times a day. It is important that you train regularly. Even the good old spoons position in the morning after waking up counts as early sport. This helps you burn almost 200 calories. For comparison: This is approximately the same as the energy consumption of half an hour's moderate jogging.
  4. A feast for the eyes An erotic striptease does not just get pulses racing and desire burning. A dance on the pole burns up to 400 calories per hour. Take the whole thing as an inspiration and go to a poledancing course to impress your partner. Whoever does not want to put a dancing pole in the living room, should place other items around to facilitate the dance (such as a chair).
  5. Do not forget kissing You can passionately snog almost everywhere and over and over again. It also consumes energy, up to 300 calories an hour. Also, you even strengthen your immune system through kissing. Sexy food for a slim figure.

Sex makes you hungry! As with any diet, you should of course, be careful what you eat here too. Reduce carbohydrates and animal fats and eat as many greens as possible to have full power for the next round.

Because while your diet: After sex is before sex. Tryfood as aphrodisiacs. Certain foods are said to have an effect on desire and potency. Oysters are rich in zinc, which encourages the production of sperm. The same applies for garlic - however, both of you should eat this. Asparagus, celery, soft fruits and even coffee and chocolate help you get in the mood and are sometimes even referred to as superfoods.

Of course, chocolate should only be enjoyed in moderation. You not only boost your libido with these foods, but you also do your body some good.

Stick at it!

Find your personal favourite positions for your training plan. And if you want to change, have a look through the Kama Sutra together. A lot of inspiration is waiting there. A little tip: It is best for you not to think about calories during sex.

sexy and fit couple stretching together
Looking for sex partner to lose weight can be very fulfilling.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the erotic moments and have fun moving in tandem with your partner. Then the pounds will melt away on their own. A very desired side-effect of this sex diet: Not only will you get lean, but you will also give your relationship a positive kick.

Frequent sex helps you get to know your needs - and your partners needs - better. You will interact better with each other. The sex will be more fulfilling and satisfying. Therefore, you will also want to carry on training after you reach your target weight.

If you do not have a partner at the moment, a sex diet is a great opportunity to score points in online dating with an unusual strategy for getting to know people. "Looking for sex partners to lose weight” is a tagline which you don't see every day.

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