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Master the Perfect Public Sex Positions for Your Next Dogging Adventure

These days, everyone seems to be leaving the bedroom behind and going back to nature. With online dating sites offering an easy way to find kinky outdoor sex partners, it's a golden age for dogging and hook-ups for sex on the beach or in the local park.

nude woman liying on stones ready for public sex
Sometimes the surface is not ideal...the right position make it more enjoyable!

But are we doing it right? Actually, here's the weird thing: There's a technique to outdoor sex, and finding the right positions can make it much more enjoyable. So here are some positions to try at your next outdoors rendez vous.

Slay Her With the Lumberjack

If you meet up in a forest, nature is almost begging you to give the trusty lumberjack a try. In this position, the two partners stand facing a sturdy tree (it has to be large enough to put your arms around). The woman stands in front, gently leans forward and allows her rugged partner to penetrate her from behind.

Use the Bushwhacker to Keep her Feet Dry

One of the occupational hazards of public sex is the danger posed by puddles and dirt.

If she doesn't want her erotic adventures to leave any evidence, try the bushwhacker position. Here, the guy kneels down (taking the brunt of the dirt) and his partner sits on his lap, riding him while keeping her clothes nice and clean.

It's great for clandestine affairs when the weather isn't ideal.

Keep it Spontaneous by Dumpster Diving

When you are desperate for outdoor sex, you need to use whatever props come to hand. Often, you'll find yourself outside the rear entrance of a bar or club. While the floors might not be that appealing, a great option is for the girl to hop onto a dumpster lid and allow her partner to go down on her. It's the perfect height for oral sex, and you can easily slide off and fuck against the wall when the moment arrives.

The Construction Workers Friend: Make the Most of your Pickup

Often, public sex revolves around vehicles. Without them, fans of dogging or casual sex in the woods wouldn't be able to meet up for their orgies. But trucks or cars aren't just handy for transport. They can also be the perfect site for sexual intercourse.

Pickups are ideal. If you are a construction worker or gardener, you can use a tarp or arrange your tools to provide privacy (but not too much privacy) and turn the bed of your truck into an improvised bed - an elegant, erotic solution.

Side Door Sally - the Pro Dogger's Choice

Cars are also the perfect location for serious doggers. If you are a women who loves to meet up for outdoor group orgies, the Side Door Sally is a trusted position that never fails. Pull up your vehicle, open the side door and thrust your legs and buttocks out of the vehicle with your face away from the door. That way, any guys on the scene can easily find what they are after, and you can make a quick getaway to return to work.

Surfers Paradise: Getting Beach Sex Right

As anyone who has tried sex on the beach will confirm, it's not always the easiest place to get it on. If you can't resist the urge to get intimate on by the sea, always have a blanket in your bag. Use familiar positions like doggy style or any others where your sexual organs are well away from the sand. And think about taking compact tents to the beach as well. That way, you can slip in for a secret fuck even when the beach is packed.

Dive Right in for the Barracuda

Of course, you don't have to remain on dry land.

Another fantastic public sex position is the Barracuda. Just stand in the water of the ocean or a local lake, where even people a few meters away can't tell what's going on. If you try a little underwater love, be sure to do so in water at above waist height (for obvious reasons), but no more than breast height. And check the tides!

With these positions in your playbook, you can enjoy hassle free public sex wherever and whenever you like.

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