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Enjoy the risk of hot public sex without the publicity

Things are flagging in the bedroom and you want to spice it up with your partner. Only problem: the two of you are way too cute and can’t bear the thought of introducing a little kink into your erotic play.

naughty couple in the middle of a quickie
What makes it so sexy is the possibility of getting caught!

Thankfully, a little exhibitionist sex always cures the routine-blues. Having sex in public is one for the books and even couples who like to play it safe confess to having had sex outdoors. Whether it was a surprise visit to the narrow alleyway beside a restaurant after dinner or a planned sessions in secluded field after a great afternoon picnic, there’s no doubt that public sex instantly gets our naughty thoughts racing and our adrenaline pumping.

Doing the deed is one thing but getting away with it is a little more trickier than it may seem. The most obvious danger is one of two worst-case scenarios: either you get caught by some overzealous photographer or kid with an iPhone camera secretly hiding in the bushes or, just as bad (possibly even worse), you get caught by a cop.

How to have sex without getting caught

Let’s say that both you and your partner haven’t seen each other in a while. Work and other social commitments keep the two of you apart. If absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, it definitely does wonders for your libido. You can’t remember the last time you were this horny and wanted nothing more than to rip your partner’s clothes off for some sweet skin-to-skin contact.

1. Obscure views

Okay, first rule of thumb: if you’re going to do it outside, someone has a very real chance of seeing you or stumbling upon you, no matter how secluded your location is.

So the point is not to put it off and hope for the invention of an Invisibility Cloak — the thrill of getting caught is what makes it so sexy. The point is to minimize the risk. If you’re in a rural area, for example, find an area that’s far away from houses and barns but also where tall grass obscures the view of passersby.

If you’re in a park, once again, try and be as far away from everyone as you can and pick a time where it’s getting dark and the number of people are dwindling. Even then, there’s no guarantee so pick a large tree to stand beside that has the advantage of blocking people’s views, even if they do look at you from afar. They might have to tilt their head to the side and it might not be totally apparent what you’re doing, right away: that’s the whole point.

2. Know the rules

You want to make sure you know the law before you risk breaking it. Otherwise, The Clash’s words may ring true for you: you’ll fight the law…and the law will win. If you’re having sex outdoors in another state or perhaps even in another country, know what the laws surrounding public exposure, what the penalties are and what constitutes public indecency.

It may not deter you, depending on where you’re having sex, but it’s good to know so you can weigh the risk-versus-benefit factor. Of course, cumming hard on a deserted trail or at the side of a highway in the dark has it’s own benefits. But a lady never cums and tells.

3. Cover-up

If tall grass, trees and time of day aren’t on your side, try and shield yourself with clothing. If it’s winter, there’s an obvious added advantage to coats. Once again, you want to try and be as faraway as possible from everyone so it’s safe.

If you’re standing against a wall of some sort and kissing with heavy clothing, it’s very easy to have your man enter you without anyone noticing. They’ll just think you’re making out. Of course, it’s up to you to keep a lid on any extra sounds of pleasure.

Where to have sex without getting caught

There are a couple of places that are particularly conducive to having sex and they’re not always immediately apparent. Sure, there are public parks and hiking trails but if you’ve already exhausted these (because you’re a public sex pro), here are a few more inventive locations perfect for getting handsy and ballsy.

Call of the wild

There’s something refreshing about getting back to nature and the promise of the seclusion of campsites that seem to turn couples on. Having sex in your tent? Make sure to turn off the lights inside otherwise you’ll be casting some pretty explicit shadows. But even campsites with plenty of space between them or backcountry camping in wooded areas means sound can travel pretty far.

If you want to vocalize your pleasure, pull out a map. Find the nearest scenic waterfall and bring a lamp (or two) and a blanket. Wait until it’s dark and people are generally dissuaded from visiting anymore. Then, commence operation public sex. The waterfall is not just sexy and exotic, it also helps to block out any audio you may otherwise be providing.

Going Up?

Stairwells are great (so dangerous and risky!) but elevators are even better. You don’t need to push the emergency button or anything. Heck, you don’t even need to press the button for a floor.

The key here is timing. You want to pick a time where traffic is pretty minimal (like in the middle of the morning). Don’t risk anything more than a quickie, though, or some oral sex for foreplay. Save the main act for when you get in there.

Hot wheels

The best place, in our opinion, for some good ol’ heated sex: the car. Push your seat back and let her get on top. The windows will get steamy and that’s half the fun. If your seats are leather, make sure to put down a sheet in the summertime or a blanket if it’s the winter. Your bare skin will thank you on both accounts.

The best part? You’ll be able to make a mad dash of it should anyone slightly suspicious (or inquisitive) appear.

More Tips for Great Public Sex Experiences

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