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8 Steps for Having Exhilarating and Passionate Sex on the Beach

Sex on the beach isn’t just a delicious cocktail; it’s also an age old sexual adventure that can be steamy, romantic or downright horny. Whether this is your first time or you’re planning a sandy adventure very soon, there are a few things you should know about sex on the beach. Follow these tips to make your beach-based frolics as exciting as they possibly can be.

handsome couple being sensual at the beach
Sex in the ocean is more than romantic, passionate and exciting!

1. Find somewhere reasonably private

Public sex falls foul of at least one criminal act in most countries, so you need to plan exactly where you’re going to have sex. If you’re having sex during the day, pick a secluded bay, or somewhere that has cliffs, rocks, caves and sand dunes - all of which provide great hiding places.

Pick a spot where you’ll be able to see people approaching before they can see you. If necessary, set up a wind-breaker to give you a little extra cover. If something about a beach location doesn’t seem right, move on to the next option.

Of course, the safest time to have sex on the beach is at night.

2. Choose your clothes wisely

The chances are your time on the beach will be limited. You never know who might be around, so it’s important to make as much time as possible for the sexy act itself. Wear clothes that can be slipped off in just a few seconds.

Belts, strappy shoes, accessories and anything tight are no-go areas. Instead, dress light and baggy. Not only are these clothes easy to take off, they’re easy to put back on in a hurry if there’s a chance of being rumbled.

3. Choose the best position

It’s probably best to avoid the missionary position on the beach, as this will make it pretty obvious to anyone passing what you’re both up to. Consider slipping off your pants and having sex in a spooning position.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the reverse cowgirl, doggy and woman-on-top positions might work. Of course, if you’re worried that there are people milling about, simply settle for some mutual masturbation.

4. Don’t go in the water

The prospect of having passionate sex in the ocean might seem romantic and… well… a little horny.

But this isn’t a very good idea. Salt water can dry out and irritate vaginal mucosa. There is also a chance that the microorganisms in the water will cause a nasty infection. And while you might enjoy sex in pools and hot tubs, having sex in the sea involves dealing with waves and currents — which will put anyone off their stroke!

5. Keep sunscreen away from your private parts

It’s always important to apply sunscreen when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight for any period of time. However, it’s important to keep it away from your private parts. And you certainly should never use it as a makeshift lubricant. There are chemicals in sunscreen that can cause severe urethral and vaginal irritation, so store your lube separately from your sunscreen… just in case!

6. Pack a sex picnic

Public sex requires preparation and planning, and it also requires an element of subterfuge. So to ensure that everything runs smoothly when your butt hits the sand, it’s a good idea to pack a picnic.

This will not only serve as a convincing decoy, it will provide somewhere for the supplies you will need.

As well as lube, sunscreen and contraception (if applicable), make sure you pack a blanket. Sand doesn’t lend itself to effective love making, as it makes grip exceptionally difficult.

A thick rug will help in this respect — and stop a lot of sand from finding its way into the wrong places.

7. Keep your distance from the shore

If you have the luxury of time, you may want to savour sex on the beach. This will be great… unless the sea reaches you before you’re finished. If the tide is out, try to establish where it will reach when it comes in. That last thing you want is to be washed away by a rogue wave when you’re in the throes of erotic ecstasy.

8. Have fun!

Sex on the beach should be an experience of a lifetime. And there’s no reason why it can’t be with the right planning and execution. However, if things are proving to be more hassle than they’re worth, you probably need to rethink your approach. Your sandy adventures should be exciting and exhilarating, so don’t let planning and practicalities spoil the fun.

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