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10 Tips for Unforgettable Sex in the Car

sexy blonde woman and handsome man having sex on a car
The steering wheel is challenging and thrilling.

While public sex can be tantalizing fun, sometimes it's just not an option. For times like these, sex in the car is a valid alternative. If you're ready to explore what your ride can offer your sex life, there's no better time to put the tips below to use.

1. Keep the Interior Tidy

Although you might never know when the mood will strike, if you're already anticipating getting it on in your car, then you should keep it clean. To help with garbage that builds up, keep a few grocery bags tucked in the glove compartment. Want to know the best part of this? Besides a clean car, passengers will never know the dirty secret of why it's so tidy.

2. Have Leather Seats? Store a Towel

When having sex in the car, you'll no doubt get steamy, sticky, and sweaty. While these all might be fun, they can also be a recipe for leather burn. Do the partner who will be on bottom a favor and keep a couple of towels in your trunk. You can place these on the seat when the time comes to have a much more enjoyable (and less painful) experience.

3. Fold the Seats Back

If you have an SUV, there's no reason to confine yourself to only the very back of the car.

Give yourself more space by folding the back row of seats down. Once you do so, you'll have tons of space to get frisky and change positions all night long.

4. Turn on the Music

Who says you can't have a nice ambiance while in your car? Turn on some nice R&B or smooth jazz to help set the mood. Just make sure you don't turn it too loud, otherwise you could draw attention to yourself.

5. Push the Passengers Seat Back

The steering wheel on the driver's side limits the way you can move while you're getting down and dirty. Instead, have the male sit on the passengers seat.

After this, the female partner can easily slide on top and move around without hitting the wheel. She can even turn to the front to do reverse cowgirl, if the mood strikes.

6. Turn on the Air or Open a Window

Sweaty and steamy sex in the car can turn the windows cloudy and make the temperature uncomfortable. To make sure you can both keep breathing easily, simply crack open a window or turn on the air.

7. Embrace the Back Seat

If you're not quite comfortable having public sex in the front seat, then open yourself up to the back.

There are many positions you can do, especially with someone who is flexible. Feel free to use the head cushions as leg holders or anchors to hold on to. Whether you're doing missionary or doggy style, you'll find a lot of ways to make the space in the back work for you.

8. Keep Tissues Nearby

Sex anywhere is messy, so don't forget to bring something to help both of you clean up!

A towel will work, but if you don't have anything else, make sure there are tissues in the car. You'll be glad you have these when the time comes.

9. Don't Strip Down

Sure it can be tempting to take off all of your clothes, but in a car, this may not be the best choice.

Not only is it difficult to get dressed again, but taking everything off can be difficult to explain if you get caught. Instead, think about having the female wear a dress that she can hike up. A lot of couples find it incredibly sexy to keep their clothes on and challenge themselves to find ways to still hit all the right spots.

10. Find The Right Location

Even if you like public sex and don't mind the risk, sex in your car should be in the right location. Make sure you choose a spot where both parties are comfortable and there's a bit of privacy away from peeping eyes.

Are You Ready For A New Adventure?

You might be wondering: why is sex in the car so great? For most, it's the fact that it can be done anywhere at anytime, making it spontaneous and exhilarating.

From doggy style in the back seat to a quick fuck in the passengers seat, you'll never need an excuse to wait to get it on again. With that being said, try different positions to see what works for you.

And, most importantly, ENJOY!

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