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Pubic hair - hot or not?

Similar to trends of adult services on the internet, the trends for pubic hair have gone through many and varied, exciting ups and downs over the decades. From the free and fearless bush-proud hippie days to the hairless millennium trends, there has always been discussion over the best way to wear your genital hair! Whether you choose to wear your bush proudly, shave it off, or sport a small amount of hair, carefully shaped and clipped, is, ultimately up to you, but like any other trend, there are times when more or less may be deemed fashionable or out of vogue.These days there are numerous ways in which a woman's pubic hair can be shaped, dyed, waxed or shaved by a beauty therapist. So what are the latest trends for pubic hair? Is it hot or not? Better yet, does it matter?

Girl in a bikini is shaving her crotch

Then and now and the Full Bush

In recent years it has been fashionable to sport the "Brazilian" in your delicate areas. The Brazilian was made popular by TV and films to the point where every woman had to have one, which may be observed in many adult chat rooms with web cam support. This made it popular to employ aesthetic waxing techniques to ensure that every bit of pubic hair was removed in an often uncomfortable and painful process, including hair removal from the anal region. But recent trends suggest that far from being patently distasteful to women and men, the bush is back! The Full Bush Brazilian is the hottest new pubic hair trend to make it into the fashion magazine pages and beauty outlets.

But what is the Full Bush Brazilian?

In short (excuse the pun), the Full-Bush Brazilian removes hair from the labia and anal region while the top remains untouched. This means that women can now feel and look more natural, while still indulging in a wax to keep things neat and fresh in the genital region. Is this a hipster trend? It would seem that the in-thing these days is to offer a nod to a more organic lifestyle without being completely against modern,commercial trends. An interesting compromise then? The full bush Brazilian seems to be the best of both worlds! Will women love it and what do men think?

What do men want?

Tastes as far as pubic hair differ vastly for every man questioned and what is deemed sexy or acceptable by one man may be a complete turn off for another. Likes and dislikes for the genital area may be largely influenced by the country in which people live, popular trends and film and television along with more personal preferences. Having said this, most men do have some form of preference, even if the lack thereof won't necessarily cause him to be turned off or dismayed. As far as practical considerations go, let's face it, giving and receiving oral sex is a lot easier without getting hair in your mouth or having to fight your way in!

Pretty girl in a bikini slip

What women think

Some women may find this pubic hair trend somewhat of a relief. It does, after all, require much less maintenance and avoids the "little girl look" that some women (and men) simply do not enjoy. Many men admit that they feel they want to know they are with a woman that looks over 18, while other men just don't find the Brazilian natural. Indeed, there are many men who love natural looking labia and anal regions as the sheer number of porn channels featuring natural looking women with all this intact attests to.The Full Bush Brazilian suits men who enjoy oral sex who might also self-describe as a hippie or for hippie women who enjoy receiving oral sex from their partner. Since many men do not enjoy hair being present in the labia and clitoral region, they will benefit from the more conservative waxing in this area, while still being assured of the natural "organic" look of the vaginal region.So this is a bit of a compromise for those who feel the Brazilian is not as nature intended and also bit too high maintenance and extreme. With lifestyle trends worldwide heading in the direction of less commercial and perfection-focused living and more earth-based and natural scope to our lives, the Full Bush Brazilian has made a possibly welcome appearance. It would seem for now, though that hair in the main erogenous zones is still a no-no among the fashion (and partner) conscious.

What about during sex?

Being hairless in the vaginal region has oft been lauded as making the area far more sensitive during foreplay or oral sex. This also seems to hold true during penetrative sex. Once you've tried a Brazilian wax, it is often hard to go back to a more natural look. Not only can less hair make your erogenous zones more sensitive, more pleasant for your partner and cooler during summer, once you get used to the regular maintenance and keep to a schedule you will find it feels fresher, neater and far nicer under your underwear too. If your partner is not a cunnilingus expert or is nervous, this look may help him feel more comfortable with the act.The Full Bush option niftily allows women to avoid the pain of a full Brazilian, which for some women proves to be far too much. So perhaps women are letting go of the "no pain, no gain beauty ideal and opting for something a little more comfortable and pleasant that also considers their partners and their own sexual experiences to boot. Trends in American stores have seen mannequins which sport pubic hair, so the trend may be here to stay, along with changes in the weight and dimensions of these clothes display items.The choice remains up to each individual in the end. Whether you're proud to wax or shave or clip and trim or prefer to leave the area as nature intended, that is entirely a personal choice. Fashion trends are just that, trends, and they come and go as fast as the latest celebrity name drop or TV show. In short, they're not here to stay. Permanent pubic hair removal is an option for some, but others guard against permanent alteration of any body area, as you may just find out you miss your bush and want it back, but laser removal means it's gone for good.

Where to start?

If you're a novice to pubic hair trends, read up on them, decide what suits your body and sensibilities and then go for it. If you want to consult your man, do so, but in the end how you dare to wear your hair, is entirely up to you.

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