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Don't Accept The Size of Your Penis: Do Something About It!

Penis enlargement. It's something people think about, even if they sometimes don't want to admit that it's a possibility. The fact is that almost every guy looks at himself in the mirror sometimes and wishes he was just a little bit larger. At other times, it's the look of disappointment in the eyes of their partner that does it. Either way, the experience of realizing you don't measure up can be crippling. If you suffer from penis anxiety, don't try to avoid the issue, take action. This is the crazy thing: there are plenty of simple exercises any guy can do that will gradually build up the muscles in your penis, expanding both your girth and length. Don't be lazy. Give them a try!

man looking shocked at his penis
A few tricks will help to enlarge your penis

How to Build Up Your Penis Into a Pleasure Giving Machine

Forget about pills or pumps, all you need to achieve a pornstar penis is some hard work and the right technical knowledge. Before you start, there are a few things to remember. Most importantly, don't be too hasty. If you stretch your penis too hard, too quickly, you can cause bruising. Secondly, don't expect instant results. Like any muscle, the penis takes time to develop, so think of it as a medium term exercise. In a few months, you'll definitely see the results.

Try Some Simple Flaccid Stretches

One of the easiest and most basic penis stretching exercises is the flaccid stretch. When your dick is flaccid, take the head between your fingers (without holding it too tightly and compromising blood flow). Now, gently pull your penis away from your body, feeling a slight tension from the base. Hold the stretch for 30-40 seconds and relax, before repeating it again a couple of minutes later.

Carry Out Penis Rotations

Your penis also needs to have a wide range of movement to extend properly, and the muscles near the base need to be stretched in a variety of directions to achieve the best results. When you carry out the straightforward flaccid stretch outlined above, try to rotate the shaft of your cock 360 degrees. Hold it in a stretched position pointing at 90 degrees, 180 and then 270 degrees, feeling the base muscles stretching in different directions. Sometimes, flaccid stretches can cause diminished blood flow to the head. If this happens, don't worry. Just "slap" your penis against your leg a few times to get the blood flowing properly again.

woman measuring the penis of her man

The Semi-Erect Penis Hand Pump Exercise

Not all exercises need to be done when the penis is flaccid. It's also really important to work your penile muscles when your cock is semi-erect. Known as "jelqing", the semi-erect approach is renowned as the most effective of all. Here's how it's done. It's not always easy, but try to reach a state of semi-arousal, halfway between flaccidity and a full erection. Now, form your left hand (for a right hander) into a thumbs up position with your palm outstretched. Before moving forward, you might need to apply some lubricant to the shaft of your penis to make the process easier, but it's not essential. Close your hand around the base of your penis and gently "push" blood upwards towards the head. When your left hand has reached the head, place your right at the base, remove the left and repeat, creating a continuous blood flow towards the head.

Advanced Exercises: Pulling in Opposite Directions

The first three penis workouts should be fine for beginners (but always remember to take things easy and give your little guy a break if you experience any lasting discomfort). When you've got used to them, it's time to move onto other exercises. The most important one to consider is the "opposite pull". As the name suggests, this involves using both hands to pull your flaccid penis both away from and towards the body. Grasp the head firmly enough to maintain a tight hold, but not too tight to cut off blood vessels, and try to push the stretch hard enough to feel it expanding your muscles.

Work On Your Pubococcygeus Muscle

You can also extend the extent of your manhood by working specific abdominal muscles. You might be familiar with "kegels" - a kind of abdominal workout that famously helps to promote the female orgasm. Well, with guys the muscls to work is the Pubococcygeus, the one that cuts out urine flows when you go to pee. With a strong Pubococcygeus, your dick will be more erect. It won't be longer, but the muscles inside your body will push it out further, giving the impression of length, which amounts to the same thing. To work your Pubococcygeus make a mental note of the muscle that cuts out urine flows. You should be able to contract this consciously whenever you like (if you can't you've got more than dick length to worry about). Just make a point of contracting it fifty times a day and holding each contraction for 10 seconds. You'll be amazed by the results.

man with his hands in his jeans
These exercises will help to make your penis bigger and last longer

Does Your Cock Even Lift? Try Adding Weights

The final exercise in the cock expansion locker might sound strange at first, but it can have incredible success. Think about your biceps or leg muscles. How do you build them up quickly? Exactly, by applying weights or resistance and bracing your muscles to push against them. The same principle can be used to build up your penis. Start by sourcing the right tools. You can buy specialist penis weights and rings that will attach the weights safely. It's worth making the investment. Tools like LG Hanger fasten securely to your penis in a flaccid state, stretching it in a controlled fashion and gradually strengthening the muscles. Penis weight lifting is generally not advisable for novices, but it's a great second stage after you've mastered the other techniques that we've looked at.

Can You Exercise Your Way to a Massive Penis?

With these penis workouts most guys can build up their size and enhance their sexual performance. You might be wondering: are penis exercises really for me? Yes, because they really do work, even though you won't learn about them in school. However, if they don't work miracles, you can always experiment with penis pumps, surgery and pills. You don't need to suffer and settle for what you were born with. It's the same as your arms, abs, legs and chest. You can build up your penis into something to be proud of, instead of a source of shame. So give these workouts a try. They could be the start of a completely new chapter in your sex life.

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