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Top 10 Pick-Up Lines To Use If You Want To Have A Drink Thrown In Your Face

We all want to be that suave charmer no woman, especially that one you got to know on one of these chat sites recently, can resist. A funny line, a smile, a gesture – what more can it take to get a woman to like you? Actually, most women do not fall for pick-up lines because they have heard them all before. Besides, using a pick-up line can make you seem too straightforward or give your date the impression that you lack originality or are trying too hard.These are the top 10 pick-lines to avoid at all cost during a date:

Scared woman rejects a guy who wants to kiss her

10. Can I have directions?

Whether you answer her question (‘To where?’) with ‘To your heart’ or ‘to your house’, this one really puts her on the spot. She is not going to say yes and give you permission to come home with her just like that – or worse, find herself embarrassed after you basically revealed you want her to fall in love with you. Regardless of the version you use, you will come across as someone who moves too fast. Don’t be surprised if she gives you directions to walk out the door.

9. Are those space pants? Because your @ss is out of this world!

Granted, this one is funny. However, no woman wants to be complimented about her curves in such a direct manner. At least not until you are more comfortable with each other, ideally after you have been dating for a while. Using this line on someone you just met will probably make her feel uncomfortable and reveal that you were just checking her out. Find a more subtle way to compliment her!

8. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

This one is cute – but overused. Every woman has heard this pick-up line before and she might get the impression that you are boring and do not have anything interesting to say. Look for something more original and creative if you want to use a pick-up line to make her laugh.

7. Are you a model?

This one can seem like a good way to compliment a woman, but your date will not believe you genuinely mistook her for a model. She will probably think you are trying too hard and will not appreciate this compliment if she feels bad about her body. Find a way to compliment her that is not entirely about her appearance if you want to break the ice.

6. Your dad must be a boxer… because you’re a knockout.

Or maybe her dad was a baker because she has nice buns. Or a terrorist, because she’s the bomb. You get the idea. These are not particularly funny and will turn your date into a disaster because these compliments are meant to work as wordplays instead of making a women feel good about herself. Think about it – the lines might sound funny but calling a woman a knockout, a bomb or complimenting her buns is not something you would do if it weren’t for the joke.

Annoyed woman performs a facepalm on herself

5. Are your legs tired?

‘Why would my legs be tired?’ she asks. ‘Because you’ve been running through my mind all day!’ This one is really cheesy but it also has some creepy undertones when you think about it. This pick-up line could be a great way to make a long-term girlfriend laugh, but it makes you sound like an obsessive person when used during a first date. Next thing you know, she will have to go home because she forgot to feed her cat. That is if she doesn’t excuse herself to use the restroom and never comes back.

4. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but *insert obviously erroneous statement*

Using this pick-up line is a bold move. If she is into you and is not afraid to make the first move, you might get your kiss. Otherwise, you will probably come across as arrogant and too straightforward. An awkward silence will probably follow –during which she will wonder why she agreed to even go out on a date with you. If a kiss is to happen during a first date, you should focus on making her feel comfortable and should definitely not use a cheesy pick-up line to force her hand.

3. If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?

This one is funny but way too direct for a first date. Asking for physical contact in such a straightforward manner will definitely put her off. You need to accept that physical contact may not happen at all during a first date and that it needs to be built up gradually with light touches. Asking a woman to hold her body against yours will not help create the chemistry that needs to happen before she is ready to touch you.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want me to walk by again?

This line makes you sound like you are in love with yourself. Bringing up love on a first date is never a good idea since no one wants to move this fast when it comes to falling in love. This pick-up line might sound funny but you are basically asking her if she has fallen in love with you yet and come across as an incredibly vain person. No matter what happens during the rest of the date, she will see you as someone who is very self-centered because you used that line.

1. Anything sexual

There are a ton of clever ways to tell a woman you want to go to bed with her. If you use them, your date will get offended and will definitely not sleep with you. Besides, you will come across as a jerk if you use anything that sounds crude or that is direct enough to make her feel uncomfortable. Keep it PG-13 if you want to use a pick-up line and avoid anything that could be interpreted in an offensive manner.Always be yourself during a first date! Things might not work out but at least you will not come across as rude or unlikable if you refrain from using pick-up lines. If you decide to use a line, try coming up with something funny and original to make her laugh instead of using something she has heard before.

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Now you know exactly, what things you should avoid if you want keep your date going. But that is not a guarantee, that your date will end with sex. To increase your chances, we recommend you to learn what you can do to improve your chances for sex on the first date. Oh, and should you have a date organized for tonight, make sure that your pubes are not a complete mess. Happy hunting to all of you, dear predators!

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