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Morning-After Manners Matter! How to Say Goodbye in Style

If you watch enough rom-coms, you'll subliminally come away believing one thing: the "morning after" automatically means "the walk of shame". Ugh. Dreaded, not cool, trying to pass it off but everyone's giving you side-eye, half judging you, half jealous that you had sex.

Morning after etiquette about to get started
Are you wondering what's the morning after etiquette?

There's only one thing to say about that: These movie characters who do the proverbial walk of shame must have terrible morning after etiquette - or must have experienced a shitty "host" that could not care less about the fact that one of them just stick bits of themselves into the other.

To avoid being either, there's something you should know about (and practice, like, right away) morning-after etiquette, even if your one night is "just" a fuck buddy and you've only promised each other casual sex - if that!

The Morning After...When Someone's Not a Morning Person

a sexy kiss goodbye at the door
The charm is part of your personality.

Can you really be blamed if you're a grump in the morning? Or if your hookup is?

Even if one of you (or both of you) can't stand the sound of the alarm clock and think mornings are the devil, there's one very simple solution: suck it up, you've got company!

That's honestly all it comes down to. Look, there's nothing unsexier (is that even a word?) or unclassier (okay, now that is definitely not a word) than pouting and totally breaking the charm and allure you so carefully presented yourself with to the other person just last night.

Your rep is on the line! So suck it up. If you can't be totally cheery, that's fine. Just mumble something about not being a morning person but make it about them: ask them how they slept, and tell them you had a great time. Maybe even crack a smile. It goes a long way.

Thou Shalt Not Make a Mess

Look, would you ever let your puppy sleep in your bed after it pees?

So why should you accept this behaviour from your hookup partner? Answer: don't. If they make a mess of the sheets, can't be bothered to rinse out their coffee up after you actually bothered to offer them and make them coffee or makes a mess of the bathroom floor coming out of the shower...

That's a dealbreaker, baby.

It Wasn't Just the Wine Talking...

To be a perfect gentleman (or if you're the lady in this situation and you're the one leaving), keep up appearances by letting them know that you had a good time. A small text to tell them how much fun you had takes literally 5 seconds and goes a long way.

It'll make you feel great knowing that you made someone else smile. Look, if you got that text from your "host" would that make you feel?

Exactly. The charm doesn't end with the night. The charm is part of your personality, right? Show them that it wasn't just the wine talking last night.

Food for the Road

The only thing you really have to do the morning after your amazing night of sex is to offer your hookup partner a cup of coffee. If you genuinely enjoyed the conversation last night, feel free to keep it going over breakfast.

But if you want to keep things casual and stick to the whole "just for last night", cut it off after that. Don't make the mistake of extending it to an afternoon movie or evening dinner. Don't spam them over text and start pouring your heart out either.

It's The Small Things

Men and women who often have one night stands often have become pros at this - a little bit out of kindness to the other person, yes, but mostly out of self-preservation.

PRO TIP: Have in Mind

A little bit of forethought goes a long way.

Now you may be wondering:What separates the beginners from the pros? Attention to detail.

There's nothing more delightful than discovering that your casual hookup partner has had the foresight (and experience!) to think about the fact that you'll need your own toothbrush, guest robe and shampoo.

It's kind of like a hotel-guest experience, which means that your "host" cares. And if you're the host? Stock up on travel-sized toiletries and you'll delight your partner-for-the-night. Even if it's only for the morning after. Caring is sexy.

If All Else Fails...

Let's start this off with a caveat: doing this is only okay IF you had a really shitty time or you know you absolutely will not have time to say goodbye and do the whole morning-song-and-dance.

Coffee in the morning after
Perhaps some coffee!

Pay attention: You can call it a half-night stand and leave in the middle of the night or "halfway" through the night, once you've had sex. If the other person is awake when you're doing so, explain why and let them know how much you enjoyed yourself. The genuine kiss is also well-played here.

PRO TIP: What Happens After?

Follow up with a sweet, flirty and genuine text or email to let them know how appreciative you are and how much fun you truly had last night.

This will help wrap the whole experience (for both of you) in a warm fuzzy glow. And, hey, you may not be looking for anything right now but you never know when a kind gesture and morning-after etiquette will end up setting the stage for the relationship of your dreams!

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