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Everything you ever wanted to know about underwear but were afraid to ask

Female taking off a sexy thongWhat kind of underwear are you wearing? How many pairs do you own? Do you usually wear colored underwear or stick to white panties? Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to underwear... And you might be wondering how your own preferences and habits stack up against general trends. Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about underwear but were afraid to ask on a chat site or during a date.Underwear might seem like a trivial thing, but there are some serious studies regarding trends and preferences since the underwear market is so huge. Did you know that the global underwear market is estimated at over $30 billion? In the US alone, lingerie is a $12 billion industry.The most popular underwear brands include classics such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Etam and Victoria's Secret. The list also includes more luxurious brands like Armani, Triumph, La Senza, Wacoal Holdings or Chantelle.

Ladies first

Have you ever wondered what kind of underwear women actually wear? Wonder no more because the results are in. The truth is quite far from what you see on the Victoria Secret's Fashion Show, but do not fret, a significant portion of the population actually wear thongs.By significant portion, I mean 19%. That's right less than 20% of women wear thongs, which makes this style only slightly more popular than boy shorts, the favorite underwear for 17% of the women who took part in this study.Are you the kind of man who would rather leave a little mystery in your relationship? So do 23% of women, who would rather cover their waist by wearing briefs.And the most popular style is...bikini underwear! A total of 37% of women named bikini underwear as their go-to style, especially for the 18 to 34 age group (although some cougars love it to). This does not leave much room for G-strings and other styles, since only 4% of women will wear styles other than bikinis, briefs and boy shorts.

How many of you are there and what are you made of?

On average, women own 20 pairs of underwear. Some women buy more underwear than others with 10% of women owning more than 35 pairs. The average women owns 9 bras but only wears 6 of them on a regular basis - we're assuming the other 3 are for special occasions only.Brightly-colored silk or lace underwear might look incredibly sexy but women tend to prefer neutral color and primarily wear underwear made out of cotton. A study showed that 65% of women buy their underwear in neutral colors, with white, beige and black being the most popular colors. Cotton is a favorite since this breathable fabric is more hygienic.Underwear is likely to affect a woman's mood and actually reveals a lot about her personality. A study found that 47% of women reported feeling sexier and more confident when they wore cute or sexy underwear. A woman's personality has a huge influence on the kind of underwear she prefers. For instance, women who wear thongs are more likely to be adventurous in the bedroom while woman who prefers simple white cotton underwear is more low maintenance and will not mind if her partner sees her without makeup. A woman who wears boy shorts is likely to lack maturity.And what about panty lines? Nine out of ten women do not mind panty lines. The other 10% has found a great way to avoid them - going commando.

Woman with a tight body posing in white underwear

The gentleman's perception of things

Do these trends correspond to what men would like to see their partner wearing? Not really. An Askmen survey found that men prefer thongs to other styles of underwear. A total of 38% of the men who took part in this survey chose thongs as their favorite. Cheeky briefs come next with 34% mentioning this style as their favorite. Bikinis, the most popular style worn by women, is a favorite among only 15% of the male population.Does that mean you should rethink your choice of underwear? According to the same study, not wearing a thong is not a deal breaker. A majority (92%) of men would not end a relationship over their partner's choice of underwear.Men also have clear preferences when it comes to bra styles. This survey found that 31% of men prefer push-up bras, 30% would rather see their partner in a bralette and 20% find the balconette bra the most attractive style. Push-up bras attract men but they also have a huge impact on a woman's self-image. A study showed that 75% of women are more confident when wearing a push-up bra.

Your turn, gents

How about men's underwear? Briefs have been dominating the market since they were introduced in 1935. A study showed that 41% of men wear briefs while 37% would rather wear trunks and only 22% named boxers as their favorite style. And 60% of men say they always wear the same style.A man's age has a huge impact on the style of underwear they primarily wear. Younger men (19 to 26) are far more likely to wear tight briefs or loose trunks. Boxers are a favorite among the 26 to 33 age group while men over the age of 33 would rather wear classic Y-front underwear.Men's underwear is estimated to be a $6.5 billion industry. Comfort is the top priority for men when they select underwear even though doctors believe support should come first.Men are more likely to wear colored underwear, which is more popular than white undies by 50%. Navy blue is the most popular color, with black ranking second.


Most married men delegate the task of buying new undies to their wife and single men are more likely to care about the style they are wearing or to buy new underwear if they are looking forward to a hot date or just started dating someone new and are trying to impress her.What kind of men's underwear turn women on? Most women prefer a tighter fit since a large majority (75%) named boxers as their favorite underwear.Are your own habits and preferences consistent with these statistics? If not, remember that wearing what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself is more important than following trends or wearing what the other sex likes to see.

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