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Married affairs - the cure for marriage boredom

Sexy woman wearing lingerie seduces her bossA married affair can be the solution to a sex life gone stale. Sexual boredom doesn't have to be the end of the story when the right partner and a little discretion can add the zest back into your life. Taking care of the details ensures that great sex is the only consequence.

Why have a married affair?

A married affair is a realistic way for many people to have a satisfying sex life in a long term marriage. Monogamy isn't the right lifestyle for everyone and there can be many motives for having a married affair. Let's face it, sexual dissatisfaction is very common among married couples - and the longer they have been married, the worse it seems to get. Some folks try to fill the gap by watching pornographic movies on various sex sites, others look for casual sex, be it a one-off encounter during a one night stand, or regularly with some fuck buddy, for which one can look on several dating sites. Surveys, social scientists and researchers can't seem to agree on how many married people frequently meet and fuck some sexual partner outside the marriage but the estimates range from about 15% to 20% and as high as 70% of people who have ever been married.The reasons for having a married affair may be varied: sexual boredom in a long standing relationship is very common, loving your significant other but not being sexually satisfied by your partner or no longer finding them sexually attractive, feeling generally neglected by your partner - or maybe it's just the way the affair makes you feel. Sex with someone new, along with the period of attraction that leads up to it, is exciting, there's no doubt about it. Having a married affair can solve all those sexual problems. Maybe your regular partner even cheated on you - and it's time to pay back...

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Everyone likes to receive attention from someone they desire. In a long term relationship, that's just impossible to sustain over time. Sometimes, an affair can be that spice that adds a spark back into your life after years of living the same old, same old of work, home and weekends. When it comes to sex, we all want that special something. That quirk may be major or inconsequential depending on your point of view. Let's put it this way: if you like to be spanked, you need to find someone who likes to spank you. Finding a good match for a marriage partner - someone you are sharing finances, a bed, children and much more with - doesn't guarantee finding a good match for your sexual proclivities.Does finding your love match in every other way mean having to do without your special kink for the rest of our life? It seems so unfair! Having a married affair means you can continue with your family life and have your needs satisfied too. Many individuals and even couples find that having a married affair actually improves the quality of their married relationship. The added sexual excitement can spill over into the rest of your life and rejuvenate your sex life with your spouse too. The one instance where you really should reconsider your impulse to have an affair is if you're feeling reckless about it and if you don't even care if you get caught. There are certainly better - and more discrete - ways of ending a relationship if that's what you're really after.

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How to have fun and not get caught!

There are some rare couples who are able to enjoy a primary relationship and both conduct sexual relationships on the side. Sometimes, it falls under a classic "don't ask, don't tell" kind of philosophy while other marriages are completely open to outside sexual experimentation of all kinds. For most people, though, a married affair is something that has to be kept under wraps. Discretion is key and finding the right partner is your first priority. It must be someone you can trust to keep your relationship discrete - and also who you can trust is not out to break up your marriage. Finding that perfect married affair partner isn't easy! Once you have, there are other precautions and tips for keeping it easy, breezy and fun.

  • Having fun and exciting times is the whole point of having a married affair, so it's natural that you don't want to tie it up in excessive rules that can ruin a sense of spontaneity. However - setting up boundaries is essential. Be sure the partner in your married affair knows when and where it's okay to call you, when and how you'll arrange meetings and all those other details ahead of time. Don't tolerate it if they can't stick to the rules, either - unless you actually want to get caught!
  • Be up front from the beginning about the fact that you have no intention of breaking up your marriage and that you are not looking for a love or romantic relationship. Honesty can save you a lot of heartache and drama later on. It may be wisest to choose a partner for your married affair who is also married - someone who has as much to lose and the same goals as you do.
  • Don't get carried away and let things go too far - not unless you really are prepared for the consequences. That means setting up rules like no sleepovers and no meeting family or friends. Keeping it light means being able to separate the rest of your life from the affair.
  • Be careful of the details. Use cash, for instance, and never a credit card. Buy a prepaid mobile phone and use it exclusively for communicating with your on the side sweetie. Do some research and be sure to cover your tracks online when it comes to emails, messaging and any other traces of the extracurricular relationship online.
  • Do explore and experiment and have the best sex of your life. You've got nothing to lose, no one to impress and your imagination is the only limitation to what the two of you can cook up in bed.

A married affair can put the spark back into your life and even into your marriage. Be careful and have fun!

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