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How to Help Your Girl Hit the Spot

Giving your girl (which you may get to know on some singles dating site) the best orgasm of her life depends on whether you can find "the spot... the G-spot that is!

Naked girl squeezes her wet breasts and screams

Half the fun of having sex lies in giving your partner pleasure. Let's face it, it's a turn on to see your girl's face get all sweet and sexy when she has an orgasm - and it's even better when you feel the hot, wet proof. Now, most of us know ways to stimulate a woman and give her pleasure - and an "ordinary" orgasm.

But - what if you were able to take it up a notch - or several notches? What if you could give her an orgasm that makes her shake and leaves the sheets soaking wet? That's the kind of reaction women experience with a G-spot orgasm.

The G-spot and the Female Orgasm

For a woman, there are orgasms... and then there are orgasms. The research - and anecdotal evidence - tells us that most of time, women achieve orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris, that fleshly button just above the vaginal area. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

But, a G-spot orgasm comes from the inside and makes her whole lower body shudder with pleasure. So which do you want her to remember you by - whether you see her again tomorrow night or never again?

The G-spot is somewhat elusive, in that it's not really a fixed spot you can find in the same place on every woman. It is located in the soft tissue just inside the vagina. Some researchers have theorized that it is actually a kind of neural extension of the clitoris - with ultra-sensitive nerve roots that stimulate both inside and out. It makes sense; the clitoris is the most sensitive body part on humans of either sex, with twice the number of sensitive nerve endings than you'll find on the head of a penis. It can vary in size. According to a recent study done by Ann Summers, a U.K. sex toy retailer, it ranged from the size of a grape to that of a tiny Tic-Tac candy.

The bad news: The same survey, found that while 82% of women knew where their G-spot was, 30% reported that their partner had actually never located it! It goes to show that a lack of knowledge - and a lack of communication - can result in ongoing frustrations.

Woman opening her mouth during orgasm

G-spot Techniques

Since the G-spot area is usually a few centimetres inside the vagina, it's not often possible to stimulate it with oral sex. There are many other substitutes, however.

  • Manual stimulation - Lubricate two or three fingers and slip them two to three centimetres inside her, stroking that soft, fleshy part just inside all the way around. You'll usually find the G-spot with your palm facing upwards, by stroking towards you with your fingers. As you locate the G-spot - it should feel slightly rough and you'll know you've found it by her reaction! - and continue to stroke it, the area should swell up about twice in size.
  • Sex toys - A smallish sized vibrator (one that you can move around a bit once inside her) can also nicely do the trick. Why not combine it with clitoral stimulation by your tongue or fingers for even more effect? A back and forth thrust and circular motions usually do the trick.
  • During sex - Entering her from behind doggy style can often work to stimulate the G-spot, especially if she leans down on her elbows to tilt the pelvis upwards towards you. That way your penis can rub against it as you enter her - and a little roundabout motion can help the cause too. You can achieve the same upward angle if she is lying flat on her tummy and you enter her, pushing your body slightly upwards to tilt her back towards you so you can reach that all-important spot in the front.

Squirting - Female Ejaculation

If you find that G-spot and do it right, you may even see squirting - technically called female ejaculation. Some women experience it routinely while others do only rarely.

What is female ejaculation exactly? While there was once a lot of debate about the issue, most sex researchers now do agree that it exists. Squirting, or female ejaculation happens when a massive amount of fluid is released during a G-spot orgasm. Researchers have speculated that the fluid comes from the female prostate, which does play a part in orgasms, and have actually found prostate fluid in samples they've collected.

The Best Way to Find It - Communicate

The best way of all to find her G-spot is by talking. Perhaps most importantly, talk to her and keep the lines open so she can let you know what feels good and what doesn't as you explore. Let her guide you to the right spot and let you know how to proceed.

Pacing is important. You may feel like the best method is to find that G-spot and then stroke it hard and heavy until the river flows - so to speak - but every woman is different and will have her own way of reaching an orgasm. Your girl may prefer a slower/faster/rougher/gentler build up before she lets loose.

Sex is much more casual than it once was but the female anatomy - let's face it - is a little complicated. A lot of casual sex can mean a lot of so-so, boring sex that doesn't thrill. If your only goal is a quickie and a one night stand, then maybe it doesn't matter so much to you but even so, word gets around. A man who can find that elusive G-spot and really satisfy women sets himself apart from the crowd and will quickly find himself the talk of the town - in a good way.

Happy hunting!

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