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How to Make Safe Sex, Great Sex

That great sex and safe sex don’t go together is one of the most common sexual myths, and it’s also one of the most dangerous. So whenever you engage in unsafe sex, you are definitely putting yourself at risk. So why do people do it?

hot couple in the middle of some great safe sex
Be always prepared to be safe in those casual sex moments!

Aside from sheer laziness, the main reason is that people think that putting on a condom or refraining from penetrative sex is a turn-off. But that’s not true. Blending satisfying, ecstatic sex with safe practices is simple. Here are some key tips that will help you make it happen.

1. Become Aware of all of Your Safe Sex Options

Many people choose unsafe sex out of ignorance. But here’s the thing: there are more forms of contraception than ever, with tools for men and women that won’t dampen anyone’s sex drive. Men can experiment with condoms of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Most guys don’t even bother to work out which size fits them, causing discomfort (and elevating the risk of the condom bursting). All it takes is a little time trying different varieties on, and you’ll experience more enjoyment and more safety.

Similarly, women have plenty of options that aren’t always tried. Dental dams and female condoms are available in an endless array of sizes, shapes and even flavours. Even if your first reaction is to turn away, give them a try.

You’ll be surprised at how little they compromise the sexual experience.

2. Always be Prepared for Casual Sex

Another reason why people don’t use contraception boils down to basic logistics: they simply haven’t bought enough condoms or can’t find them at the crucial moment. When you fall into bed with someone, you aren’t likely to spend time rummaging around in closets seeking out an unused pack of condoms, are you?

And you definitely aren’t likely to say “wait a moment while I run down to the store to purchase some contraceptives.” That just isn’t going to happen, so don’t get caught out. Always have a stock of condoms to spare and put them somewhere near your bed that can be easily accessed.

Like anything in life, preparation is crucial, and it hardly takes any time at all. Check out this safe sex kit, for example, and build your own. It’s well worth the effort.

3. Remember the Crucial Role of Lube

Not everyone can deal with the feeling of condoms as they enter their body, and not all guys like the feeling of condoms on their sensitive skin. Thankfully, we’ve known about this for years, but here’s the weird thing: people still don’t routinely buy lube when they pick up their weekly stash of condoms.

This is totally wrong. Not only is lube a vital part of making sex comfortable for many people, it’s very cheap and comes in safe, sometimes delicious varieties. So don’t ditch the condom because of a little friction – buy some lube and everything will go smoothly.

4. Take Oral Sex Safety Seriously

Some people seem to be fine with using contraceptives and other safe sex tools for normal sexual intercourse but have a blind spot when it comes to oral sex. They don’t seem to realize that oral sex can be a source of multiple STDs, including HIV and hepatitis. It’s probably not going to happen, but you can never tell, and there’s no excuse for not taking oral health seriously.

So, remember to use a condom with strangers, and a dental dam if you are engaging in cunnilingus. Never treat oral sex differently, or you could be in for a nasty surprise.

5. Bring Non-Penetrative Sex into your Routine

There’s something weird about couples who leap straight into penetrative sex. Sometimes it seems like we place too much emphasis on sexual intercourse, neglecting a galaxy of sexual practices and pleasures that don’t involve penetration.

For example, read up on tribadism – which involves stimulation by rubbing up against each other, think about incorporating toys into your bedroom antics, or just stick to kissing and tactile play – at least for a while.

Sex doesn’t have to involve penetration. We’re told that it does, and it’s a common instinct, but there are plenty of ways to explore our love for each other that are safer and just as enjoyable.

making safe sex great sex
Have a much more fulfilling sex life by being in the safe line.

6. Safe Sex can still be Kinky Sex

Why do people feel that unwrapping and putting on a condom breaks up the sexual flow? Why is it a turn-off for guys when they are commanded to put a condom on? In reality, safe sexual practices can become part of an arousing, fulfilling sex life.

Think of it this way. Much of the pleasure of sex revolves around anticipation and delay. Unwrapping and wearing a condom takes time, and it builds up the tension.

While your partner unrolls the condom, the tension rises, the passion bubbles to the top – and you’re ready for unforgettable sex. It can happen, and it does happen. You just need to approach contraception with an open mind.

7. Stand Firm and Make Your Principles Clear

Sometimes couples will simply have a difference of opinion about safe sex. For whatever reason, many guys just aren’t interested in condoms, and they don’t worry about STDs. And some girls can’t stand the feeling of condoms (or have allergies that make them hard to tolerate).

That’s why you need to be ready to stand up for contraception. Don’t cave in if the guy you’re with demands bareback sex. Safety is the most important thing, so make it clear that without safe sex, there won’t be any sex. In any case, try to talk about safety with your partner.

Condom party
Trying different varieties on, will give you an experience with much more enjoyment and safety.

If they don’t like condoms, there may be a way around it, such as trying on different brands. But if you don’t bring up the issue, you will end up giving way, with dangerous consequences.

8. Try C-Rings if he Can’t Stand Condoms

Finally, there will always be some guys who complain about how condoms make sex less satisfying. They usually moan about losing sensitivity with a latex layer over their foreskin, and they often have a point. Some guys, not all guys, have less sensitive foreskins that don’t react well to latex.

However, help is at hand. Much of the time, a cock ring (or C-Ring) can be used to compensate. By managing the blood flow to the penis, c-rings help to strengthen erections and can make guys more sensitive where it really counts. They aren’t a magic bullet, but they are definitely worth checking out.

Whatever kind of sex you are into, it should always be safe. With STDs on the rise and plenty of nasty consequences when you catch them, unsafe sex simply isn’t worth the risk.

But by planning ahead, putting together a safe sex kit, talking about safety, having the right tools and finding condoms that fit, couples can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life with no problems at all.

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