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Get laid on the first date - how to improve your chances

If you're reading this article, there's a big chance you're a member of the male side of the population. No need to beat about the bush, we all know that in 99.9% of cases, the power for a date, regardless of whether it has been arranged through one of the dating sites on the web or not, to end with you coming back for coffee, or a solitary bus ride home lies in the hands of the other sex. Of whom I am a proud member.So how to improve your chances of that coffee becoming a guarantee? There are a few tactics one can employ to improve their chances, which can be significantly or only slightly improved on depending on the very fluctuating nature which are people. Different approaches will yield different results with different personalities, with your Julien Blancs of the world on one end of the messed-up scale, to the tried and tested Barry White 70's dating advice at the other.

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To screen or not to screen your date - the resourceful dater

Internet entrepreneur Will Freeman suggests to think of yourself as a sex salesman, and to treat your date as if she was a client to your fantasy-time business. He advises to screen potential dates online first, be it through a dating website (e.g. Plenty of fish) or Facebook could even work. If coming from a dating website, your picture can state your intention straight up. Think shirtless picture. For the object of finding a date who is DTF (which means down to f**k if, like me, you didn't have a clue), Freeman invites girls straight to his apartment after having met them for a nice drink beforehand, (but don't arrive late if you want a drink bought for you. You will have already wasted valuable sex-priming time).Freeman's advice is not too controversial in comparison with other pick-up artists of recent, and his suggestions of building a good rapport with your date by keeping a conversation loop going which always refers back to her is probably effective, if missing one small consideration. Even if women are looking for no-strings attached sex, the chances of a one-off sex-sesh developing into something more regular will be increased exponentially if she feels she knows (and likes) something about you too. So guys, don't be afraid to talk about yourself too! We are interested.In short, researching your date beforehand is not a bad idea, especially if your objectives are a bit more specific as the title of this article suggests. If you're able to finish her sentence before she can about what she studied or where she went on her (or his) gap year based on their Facebook pictures, you might be relegated to being slightly stalkerish, and therefore decrease your chances of coffee-for-two.

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Ladies. Gentlemen. If you know you may be escorting your current beau back to the bedroom tonight, or that someone other than yourself will be removing your undies, a little sex-prep can go a long way. You don't have to be so carefully planned as to eat a balanced meal "at least three hours before the date, anything closer will f**k up your stamina" or to pop "a quarter tab of Cialis" before performance time, (thanks again Freeman). But it pays heed to pinpoint potential vices beforehand and not to fall prey to them. If going to a bar with your date, aim to drink not more than two alcoholic drinks. Yes, drunky sex can be fun. It can also be disastrous, lead to post-date regrets, no second sex-sesh, or worse. Lead your date by example by drinking slowly, not becoming intoxicated, and suggesting that you go somewhere else for a quiet coffee if your date is a bit too keen on the effects of their cocktail.Personal body prep is always a definite yes. Guy: keep trimmed, especially if you're keen on receiving some oral action. The same goes for girls. We're not saying to put yourself well and truly off the lovemaking process beforehand by spending hours epilating more than you usually would. Nobody's getting married. We're just want to present ourselves in lighter shades of pubic hair. Guys note: do not ever comment on the amount of hair your date has, regardless of your personal tastes. This is a quick fire way to guarantee that all that effort will come to a very abrupt pause and segue into the never-coming-back zone. Have a shower, feel fresh, smell nice, have fun. Don't go overboard.

Be a leader

Now, this doesn't mean you need to over impress your date. Some people just don't go for that 'I'm my own leader' success projecting shindig. Again, people are different. For some it works. For others it's a bit...bleh. At the same time, don't be unsure of yourself. Hell, a person who you consider to be at the very least a babe has agreed to spend their personal time with you. You're rocking already.What you don't want is to risk being overly shy. Actually, some girls love a bit of that. If it seems like you probably needed to give yourself a pep-talk before approaching your lady or male friend for a date request, play it to your advantage. This can lead you into the cute zone, and girls f**king love that. Of course, if that's not your bag, then make sure you lead by greeting her with a strong hug on her arrival, helping her into her chair, buying her first drink (even if she's late, Freeman!). Lots of girls will not expect this kind of chivalrous behaviour from you, depending on where they're from of course, because some really expect this. Everyone appreciates such behaviour however. It shows you're considerate, have good manners, which is what you want, if you're setting off down that road to coffee time. You can also show your strength in other ways: hold her stare, don't be afraid to start some light accidental body contact early on if things are going well. The sparks will fly, the walls come crashing down. It does happen! Above all, be yourself. Shy. Confidant. It's hard to keep up a façade if you're not being yourself, and if you want to get your current fave beau or ladyfriend into the sack pronto, then your best bet (I promise) is that they see the awesome person you are.

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