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Types of free sex chat rooms

Generally there are two types of free chat rooms available on chat sites for singles: general chat rooms and special interest chat rooms. In general chat rooms, anything goes and singles can chat about anything. In special interest chat rooms, single ladies and single men chat about a certain topic. The latest emerging trend is AI flirt. In other words, chatting and flirting online with virtual girlfriends created and powered by artificial intelligence.

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Finding free general chat rooms

To find a general chat room, ask your friends or other singles what chat rooms or chat sites they use and if there are any requirements to join.

You can also try searching for chat rooms by typing in words like chat room, chat sites, chat site, free chat room, online chat, chat rooms nz, online chat rooms, etc. Another option would be to create your own private chat room and invite your friends or other singles to join.

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Finding special interest chat rooms

What type of chat room would you like to join. You might consider what time of day you can have an online chat, your interests and your age. Then you can try doing a search on it. For example, if you’re looking for an adult chat room, then you could try typing in chat room adults, adult chat room, adults chat or dirty talk. If you’re really horny, you could even try looking for even naughtier chat rooms like women for sex chat, men for sex chat, hook up chat room, fling chat room. Or you could be even more specific by specifying a location. You could try women for sex chat in NZ for example.

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