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Beard or No Beard, that Is the Question

Beards have always symbolized the virility, strength, and ruggedness of a man. Too many women these days, having a bearded lover has more or less become a sexual requirement. But what about when it comes to heading down south for the winter? Do men and women’s perceptions on beards change when it comes to oral sex?

beard or no beard
The length of the beard can either exalt or inhibit the pleasure for women.

When it comes to going down on your lady, here are a few factors to keep in mind in order to maximize mutual pleasure and end up with a big bang.

Beard Length

Every man has his beard length that he prefers. For some, it’s short and cropped. For others, it’s long and wizard-like. Whatever your preference, having a beard definitely changes the experience of giving women oral pleasure.

Men tend to prefer their beards neatly trimmed in order to avoid their facial hair acting like a huge sponge for women’s sexual juices. Though men do truly enjoy going down on their women, the last thing they want is to drown while down there.

Likewise, many women don’t enjoy kissing men after they have gone down on them because of the accumulation of juices in their beard. Keeping a beard at a medium length (1-2 weeks after shaving) is the sweet spot to truly enjoyable oral sex and any other activities afterwards.

For women, beard length has an entirely different meaning. The length of the beard can either exalt or inhibit the pleasure for women, due to the sensitive nature of the clitoris. When a man is freshly shaved, the process is more or less straightforward.

However as the facial hair grows in, stubble can have the same effect on a woman’s pussy as sandpaper. Many women have experienced a burn or rash following oral sex by 5 o’clock bearded men. To avoid this, women suggest growing out facial hair to be a bit longer (normally, about a week’s shave) in order to minimize the amount of scratching.

Also incorporating more licking motions versus sucking will help to keep the facial hair from creating painful friction against the clitoris. However, most women agree that the mere presence of a beard is not enough to simply bring them to orgasm. For that, it’s all about technique and mastering pussy-pleasing skills through patience and slowly working up in intensity.

Remember: Beards can only do so much, it’s what’s between the lips that truly counts.

Beard as a Tool

When it comes to eating pussy, men can find themselves using every tool in their arsenal in order to help their partners cum. From fingers to tongue, the beard and mustache has also become another welcome tool with which to please their women—especially in the foreplay arena.

getting sexy with that beard
Attractiveness has a huge effect on the ability to set a sexy mood...

Lightly rubbing a well-formed beard around the clitoris can help coax the little bean awake and make it easier for men to then pinpoint a woman’s exact pleasure point. Many men also prefer having a beard while giving oral sex, as it helps to prevent jaw cramping which can happen during prolonged bouts of licking or sucking.

Women too have noted the change in sensation in oral sex with bearded men. While the length of the beard will largely determine how pleasurable this rubbing may be, many women say that it adds a more comprehensive feeling to their overall vaginal stimulation.

Rather than a simple concentration on their clitoris, a beard can help to lightly stroke other sensitive parts around the clitoris to help push into a deeper orgasm. However, women caution that men should be mindful when overusing their beard as a tool.

Some find that the sensation of a beard can be ticklish and detract from her ability to truly focus on achieving orgasm. Others find that too much beard can make a woman’s thighs chafe or can even be painful. Keep in mind when using your beard as a tool during oral that less is more.

Also checking in with your partner throughout the experience will be the simplest way to check how effective your beard technique is and avoid any unnecessary pain.

Beard as a Stimulant

Many men feel more confident and sexually desirable with a beard. Movies and T.V shows consistently depict strong, capable, and powerful men as bearded outdoors-men capable of doing everything from chopping wood to pleasing their women.

Men seem to have internalized these ideas, and in fulfilling the physical look of a beard then go on to assume additional masculine traits as well. This beard confidence can then help men to both pursue more potential sexual partners, as well as to feel more in control in the bedroom.

While beards don't in and of themselves make you good at oral sex, even feeling more masculine and confident can do wonders in filling the gap between experience and desire. Besides, how we feel about our bodies and our attractiveness has a huge effect on our ability to set a sexy mood and to feel more present in the bedroom.

Even something as simple and inconsequential as a beard can make a drastic change in our sexual worthiness. That’s because when it comes to sex, attraction between a couple moves less away from intellectual merit and more into raw physical appeal.

bearded man carrying a hot lady
The sight of their hairy man going down on them helps many women achieve orgasm

Women, too are visual creatures when it comes to sex. Beards are the easiest and most blatant reminder of their sexual attraction to men. There’s just something about unapologetic masculinity that can help a woman to feel like her man is in control and know what he’s doing down below.

In fact, many women are so attracted to beards that the mere sight of their hairy man going down on them is enough to help send them over the edge into orgasm. Women can sometimes even go as far as to cup their partners’ jaw as they give oral sex to be more fully connected to this ingrained beard attraction.

But this visual attraction isn't just a secondary perk, it can really help her sexual receptiveness in the long run. If your woman has a thing for beards, chances are this sexual attraction will help her to feel more comfortable in the moment and better able to enjoy the pleasure of oral sex.

This is great for everyone involved, as both partners are aware throughout of their mutual attraction—leading to more intense pleasure and potentially multiple orgasm experiences.

Overall, oral sex and beards are one of the best combinations for a truly unforgettable female orgasm. Whether they are acting in a more passive aesthetic appeal or literally helping to stimulate the clitoris, both women and men continue to love the sensations it provides.

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