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Erotic Games for Couples

For women, they cannot last long enough, while men prefer to get it over with and get down to the point. We are of course talking about foreplay, which lasts between two and five minutes for the average couple.

woman sitting on the bed with handcuffs hanging on her finger
If you want to change something, get the lust during foreplay with new things!

If the sex is also over quickly, the entire act is shorter than the half-time break in football. Some may find this very practical, for others however, the quick release is rather frustrating. But there is a solution for couples who want to change something and want to experience and enjoy more lust during foreplay.

It is actually quite simple. Couples should take foreplay literally and introduces some hot games to their love life. In this article, we give you just the right ideas.

#1 Strip Pong

Most people have heard of strip poker, but few people really understand the rules. An easier game is strip pong, which is derived from beer pong. In the game, both partners (wearing sexy underwear) are at each end of the dining or living room table.

Each makes a triangle from seven cups half-filled with water in front of themselves. Now, the partners take turns in throwing a table tennis ball into a cup of the other person.

If a partner throws a ball into a cup, the other player must remove that cup from the game and remove an item of clothing.

#2 Hot Cards

This card game gets both players horny!

This requires a traditional card game that mixes and then hides. Each image represents a different type of pampering your partner.

An example: A heart represents kissing, diamonds means massage, clubs represents hand relief and spades represents oral stimulation. The number of the card represents the time in seconds (or minutes for sexperts) for which the action must be carried out.

If he draws the 110 of spades, it means that he has to pleasure her with his tongue for 10 seconds. If she pulls an 8, then he can enjoy a brief handjob.

When all cards are used, things are so hot that you can move straight on to the next, more intense game.

Come, but slowly!

strip poker
There are certain games that make both participants really horny.

In this game, he must suffer, before he can unwrap his present. She is on the bed in hot lingerie, or naked, on the bed while he is at the door.

Now, she asks him intimate questions such as: "What is my favourite position?" or "What is my secret fantasy?"

For each correct answer, he may take a step closer. If he gives an incorrect answer ... ... he must take a step back. Her aim is to work him into a frenzy with a hot show.

But for him, the task is: Look, don't touch, until all questions have been answered correctly and he can hardly wait to get it on with her.

#3 The secret toy

Everyone enjoys guessing games, especially if - as in this case - they are erotic. In this erotic partner game, one partner lies on the bed with their eyes closed and lets the other dictate proceedings.

This partner must now choose "toys" and spoil the body of their partner with it. This does not necessarily have to be a sex toy. Even everyday objects such as underwear, springs, but also forks or make-up brushes are ideal for this game.

An example: She begins and slowly slides one of her silk slips along his penis. He must guess which toy she is using. She carries on until he gets the right answer. The opportunities that this game provides are endless and at the end, both partners will not be able to wait to pounce on each other.

#4 Only 30 seconds

Here, things get straight to the point, but it is guaranteed to cost both partners! In this game, each partner has 30 seconds to bring the other to climax. A smartphone can be used as a timer.

It sounds hectic, but it really isn’t because usually neither manages to give the other partner an orgasm in such a short time. The "receiver" does nothing but lie back, relax and enjoy. Usually several rounds are necessary until there is a winner. The game also helps you discover what your partner really likes.

#5 The "try not to have sex” game

It sounds crazy, but it is not. The “try not to have sex” game is about not having sex, or at least not initiating it. Otherwise, anything goes.

couple trying to don't have sex
Contain yourself and don't go directly to have sex.

Both partners can use anything to turn the other on. Stripping, fumbling, kissing, masturbating - you can do anything to drive your partner wild. However, the loser is the one who cannot hold out any longer and pounces on their partner, breaking the only real rule of the game.

The game is ideal for couples who want to extend the duration of their foreplay and who enjoy slowly increasing each other’s desire to the max. Which means that both are the winners at the end anyway.

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