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Why is dogging in Christchurch on the rise?

blond girl anticipates the dogging session in her car

Short answer: because it's the hottest thing ever. Bored of doing it in bed, under the covers, with the lights off?

Then log onto Flirtfair and find out what is happening in your local dogging scene. Before you know it, you'll be standing there in the great outdoors in just your jandals, going at it hammer and tongs with some fit Kiwi bird you met just moments before.

Because that's what dogging in Christchurch is all about, folks. Consenting adults getting together after dark in some discreet location and shagging the s**t out of each other on car bonnets and park benches, while an audience of strangers eggs them on to new heights of sexual abandon.

Raw, passionate and deliciously pervy, dogging in NZ is about letting loose and doing what most people only dare imagine in their most torrid fantasies. And here's how to make those fantasies real: just search online to find out what (or who) is going down in your neighbourhood.

How can you take part in dogging in Christchurch?

Christchurch is known as the Garden City because of its wealth of public parks and green spaces. That's good news for the enthusiastic dogger, as leafy locations such as Hagley Park and Willowbank make great venues for hookups after dark. Another popular locale is Bottle Lake Forest, just 10 km outside the city centre, and so is the area around the airport. So the opportunity is there.

But wait - are you supposed to just drive around these various sites night after night in the vague hope of stumbling upon some action?

No, don't worry, that's not how dogging in Christchurch works. When you sign up for online dating, you'll be able to chat with other guys and girls who are into the scene. Once you've expressed an interest, chances are they'll be happy to apprise you of any upcoming meets.

For purposes of secrecy, these tend to be arranged at the last minute, so keep an eye on your messages at Flirtfair and be ready to grab your car keys at a moment's notice. All very cloak and dagger, right? Well, that's all part of the fun of dogging in Christchurch - that, and the chance to knock boots with some of the hottest, horniest Kiwi babes you've ever meet. Sign up to Flirtfair and it's all laid out for you on a plate.

Dean shares his experiences dogging in Christchurch

"When I browsed online, I discovered that there were lots and lots of people talking about Christchurch dogging, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I got really turned on just at the thought of it. Even so, I still wasn't sure what to expect, so I was quite anxious when I went along to my first dogging meet-up. It was in a quiet corner of a park, and reasonably bright because it was a cloudless night and the moon was at the full."

"You won't believe what I saw: this stunning Milf handing out bj's like they were handshakes. A crowd of studs stood waiting their turn, enjoying every moment of the spectacle. Next, the woman rested her elbows on a picnic table and encouraged one lucky SOB to take her from behind! I didn't pluck up the courage to join in that night, but it was an amazing rush just being there, and since then I've become a regular on the scene."

"Some of the best sex experiences of my life have been with strangers I've encountered in this way - you might never see them again, but you remember them forever! To sum up, I absolutely love dogging in Christchurch, and I don't let a day go by without checking out Flirtfair."

sexy dogger girl in underwear in a park
The thrill of getting caught will make it even more exciting

Your online portal to Christchurch dogging

It's easy to see why dogging in Christchurch has caught on in such a big way. While everyone else gets their entertainment filtered through computer screens, doggers get out there and live out their sexual desires to the max.

For people who aren't shy and get their kicks from showing off, it's a chance to get as much action as they can handle - and make no mistake about it, doggers love to fuck. More and more single women are taking an active part in the scene too, excited by the feeling of empowerment - the sheer, unbridled raunchiness - that the situation gives them.

To get involved in dogging, the first step is to become a member of Flirtfair, where all your questions will be answered and you'll meet some sizzling hot local talent. Don't take our word for it: sign up now to see what mouth-watering opportunities are out there.

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