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Cut or not - what kind of penis women prefer

Two bananas, one with the top of its peel removedIt would seem that depending on whichever side of the pond you’re from, whether you're from UK, US or Australia, determines the importance of the topic of circumcised penises and which is better: with or without foreskin. Coming from the UK where, at least it seems, the vast majority of men are still with foreskins intact; circumcision is more often associated to religious choice than cleanliness. As a topic of sexual preferences – a hot topic it is not.In the US, the removal of the foreskin early on may often have little to do with religious traditions and more to do with cultural norms related to hygiene. It is believed to promote easier cleaning of the penis (guys, is it really that difficult with?), prevention of ‘foreskin problems’, as well as more serious sounding evils such as a decreased risk of catching and, presumably, spreading STIs, urinary tract infections, HIV and certain cancers. Trawling through various online message boards on the topic, I am surprised at how many of you US ladies have yet to come into contact with your first penis with the hood still on. That’s not to say however, that weren’t plenty of you in the pro camp.

In the pro camp – the “oomph” factor

Many couples without foreskin complain of having to use excess amounts of lube during intercourse, without which sex can be at times uncomfortable or even painful. This is because the foreskin encourages the production of a natural pre-ejaculation lubricant, lovingly nicknamed “precum”, which is clear and contains minimal amounts of semen, so a condom is still needed. So if you ever wondered what was the US fascination with lube, now would be the ‘aahhh’ moment. No foreskin. No precum.Over at, one blogger in describing her experiences in the relative difference between sex with a circumcised penis, and sex without (sounds strangely detached, no?) relays: “Sex with an uncircumcised penis is more than just sex with a penis. The foreskin, which rolls back when a man is erect, acts like a built-in clitoris stimulator. No matter the position, that skin hits the spot in such a way that your vagina feels completely full, as if there's nothing missing that should most definitely be there.”The same blogger described sex with a circumcised penis as being similar in feeling to penetration with a dildo: “It's simply a shaft that, when it slides in, is just there. Unless there's clit stimulation — either manually or with a vibrator — that part of woman's body is completely ignored, unless she's on top.”

The without camp – a very, pretty penis

Let’s face it. Unlike our lovely lady curves, with their soft rounded edges filled with warm, rolling flesh which you can grab, caress, lick, stimulate as lightly or as urgently as the mood takes one, the penis doesn’t demand as much romanticising niceties. Way less has been written in love, awe and sheer joy over the male shaft, head and foreskin. Don’t get us wrong. When we know that it’s going to be used in the right way and is attached to your current dreamboat, your beau’s penis begins to look like a bouquet of roses. Often though, a penis can resemble something almost alien, protruding expectantly and separate from the groin of its owner.A circumcised penis is a cleaner (and shinier) penis, and aesthetics can mean a lot. If what you’ve got is somehow more attractive than the norm, then your chances of using it with your lady (or man) friend should, in theory, increase. That’s not to say that we’re all as shallow as to only follow where only the prettiest of penises go. But we’re all hardwired in the same old-fashioned way, and there’ll always be someone to love all different shapes and sizes of both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. A clean, pretty penis is apt to be a loved one. It might even be the case that if your culture embraces circumcision, the sight of a foreskin may be off-putting.Some Danish studies have even suggested that some women report increased satisfaction from sex with circumcised partners based on the knowledge alone that circumcised penises are associated with being cleaner, and therefore decreasing the risk of and the associated worry from the threat of catching STIs or HIV. Powerful stuff. We’re talking about an idea here. Conversely, there’s an equal amount of studies where women have been shown to show more enjoyment from uncircumcised partners based on the friction of the foreskin stimulating the clitoris.

Everything in order

Man afraid of scissors cutting off his foreskinThose inquisitive Danes have also discovered in one of their studies that male sexual drive, function and erectile capabilities were in no way affected by being either circumcised or un-. Premature ejaculation or other erectile problems are consequently not affected by falling into one or the other camp (though individual cases may vary). An interesting discovery was that the most sensitive area of a circumcised penis is in fact the circumcision scar. Many “fine-touch neuroreceptors” are located on the skin of a penis, and are therefore lost when it is removed, suggesting that a hand job may be more enjoyable for those with foreskins. A challenge if there was one for those willing to lead their own private studies.

I love you just the way you are

So having presented a few of the pluses for both sides, it therefore makes sense not to leave out the obvious. Enjoyment from intercourse with either circumcised or uncircumcised partners is more often not related to the apparent physical advantages of having a skin, or contrariwise having a shiny, pretty, hood-free penis. Sex is sex after all, enjoyed by two (or more) consenting adults with their own chemistry, techniques and imaginations to lead them into the outer reaches of sensual pleasure, aided along by two working imaginations. If sex was solely dependent on a piece of skin, though no doubt its effect has been more far-reaching on some, well, sex would maybe be a little bit easier to predict. Worry thee not by such trifles as a flap of skin. The human brain is surely the more complex sexual organ here.

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