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Bizarre Sex Suit - Made in Japan - These are the advantages

Usually you get undressed when you have sex. Completely, or at least partially. A new trend has come from Japan.

handsome couple having a foreplay with a VR headset
The willing dream woman can only be seen with virtual reality glasses.

There, people get into a special suit when they are overcome with lust. We have had a closer look at this erotic(?) pinnacle of technical progress once more.

Erotica or comedy?

A man, joyfully moaning, with both hands kneading female breasts, while his best bit is being massaged in a way that soon brings him to climax. He looks his dream woman directly in the face. She is going along with everything with and also seems to be having a lot of fun.

Does that sound like perfect hot action? There is a catch: The willing dream woman can only be seen with virtual reality glasses, the breasts are made of rubber and even the "massage" of the hard manhood is done by a battery-powered device. Moreover, during his erotic experience, the man is in a strange suit that was invented in Japan.

A body-adhesive substance instead of hot bare skin on cool white sheets. A seemingly-utopian, thick pair of VR glasses on the nose instead of a female face with soft lips that want to be kissed. And something that looks like it came from LEGO modular technology, moves robotically in a male step. Cables and sensors on the body instead of curiously groping female fingers.

People have to decide for themselves if that is erotic. It is not just the man who has fun in the suit. The movie sometimes triggers severe reactions in the people watching the video. These people however, are grinning, shaking their heads and knocking their legs.

Here, a functional piece of clothing offers many advantages, which we have summarised here, mainly for our male readers:

Benefits of the sex suit

  1. It is undemanding. The suit expects no compensation for its services. It does not want to go to fine restaurants, or be given jewellery, expensive clothes or other valuable gifts. It doesn’t want to speak to you constantly. Neither about your relationship, nor about its mother or about other women who you have checked out on the street.
  2. It is available at all times. Headache, differences of opinion or your failure to return from the bar are no reason for the suit to refuse its services. It just needs charged batteries ready.
  3. It is designed for space-saving storage. If you are in the mood for sex, you simply open your wardrobe. You can even put the suit in your suitcase for your next business trip. Of course, it goes in the cargo compartment and requires no additional ticket for business class.
  4. It is versatile With the appropriate software, another playmate is always available. Without any risk of your ex making a scene about this.
  5. It is moral No exploitation of professional prostitutes, no affair with a colleague after a boozy Christmas party. There is nothing that he has to hide from, or even confess to, his wife.
  6. It is good for your health It is known that sex helps reduce stress.

Before you now go looking for this sex suit, full of enthusiasm because of all of these benefits, remember that everything has two sides. The other side of the coin is that handling of the suit requires some tact. Only in this way can unpleasant, embarrassing or costly consequences be avoided.

Risks and side effects of the sex suit

  1. Very important:If it says "... plus one” on an invitation, you had better leave this suit in the cupboard and not take it with you as a companion to a private party or a business dinner. Even if you have spent very beautiful hours together and you find this relationship a very pleasing experience.
  2. Use the suit in front of witnesses at your own risk. You should warn the audience in advance so that don't wet themselves with laughter.
  3. If you use the suit over a long period of time. Using the suit for a long period of time without other sexual experiences, could cause changes in behaviour. If you then have sex with a real woman, you cannot just lie on your back, stare at her with big eyes, knead her breasts and wait until you are satisfied. Real women want more!
  4. If you use the suit over an extended period of time. It cannot be ruled out that the benefits of the suit change your view of reality. If you plan on replacing your wife with this suit, think of the consequences.

The suit can neither cook, wash or clean. And divorces can be extremely expensive! Do you think that the six benefits outweigh the four risks and adverse effects? Do you want to try out this new invention from Japan on your own body? Real women not only have breasts, but many other erotic zones and visual stimuli to offer.

hot couple getting undressed
But don't forget: Real women have real erotic zones and more to offer!

Then we have bad news for you: At the moment, the suit is only available in Japan.

Until then, we recommend that you stick to real women. Online dating exchanges offer much more choice than virtual reality glasses.

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