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8 Sex Positive Tips for a Happier, Comfortable Relationship

Sex positivity may have different meanings to several people. To some, it may mean that everyone likes sex. To others, it’s having tons of sex with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Simply put, sex positivity is being positive about sex.

sex-positive couple after sex
A sex-positive partner will give you a comfortable environment any time.

That in mind, wouldn’t we all want a sex-positive partner in life? Someone who embraces sexuality with the idea that sex is vitally healthy and pleasurable. A partner who encourages sexual experimentation to discover both your likes and dislikes.

Someone who’ll not judge our different sexual desires and sex acts in the bedroom. Here are practical tips to becoming a sex-positive partner and create a comfortable environment in your relationship.

Understand that Engaging in Sex is Healthy

Sex has always been perceived as dirty and taboo. Most of us have been raised in an environment where sex is a no-go topic. To the contrary, sex is completely natural and beautiful. The very existence of life itself revolves around it too! All the hullabaloo about it is uncalled for

It will also be worth noting that sex is extremely healthy as it can alleviate stress, pain, make your immune system stronger and is an excellent form of exercise. Besides it being beneficial to your health, it’s a great way to bond with your partner.

Have Some Boundaries

While sex positivity lobbies for safe sexual exploration without fear and stigma, it doesn’t mean that you’ll give into activities that will make you feel on edge or disrespected.

Neither does it mean that you’ll jump right into sex even if you don’t feel like just to keep your partner. There’s a limit that should always be honored. If a given situation negatively affects your emotions, speak out.

You may be at ease with hugging or holding hands but not want to go further. That’s completely fine and normal! Sex is a big deal and taking your time to decide when to have sex is a decision that your partner should respect.

One Man’s Gold is Another Man’s Trash

One’s sexual choices should never be dictated by stigmatization or fear. To you, a threesome, anal sex, dirty talk or foot fetishes may all be ridiculous and disgusting.

That’s completely fine. On the contrary, your partner may desire what seems outrageous to you. And that’s fine as well.

Pro Tip: Remember

Judging will only ruin the chemistry and intimacy between both of you. Respect your partner’s sexual preferences and desires for solid bedroom romance.

If possible, work towards satisfying their sexual desire. Not because you’re forced to, but because you want to. Above all, get to understand each other, your likes and dislikes. You’ll always be in sync with your bodies’ sexual desires, and you’ll both be able to vocalize them.

tender couple having a conversation
Communication is key for understanding your partner's sexual desires.

Educate Yourself

You’ve probably had some form of sexual education if you’re past high school. If you were taught about abstinence, STIs and different methods of birth control, it doesn’t end there.

Sexual education is a continuous learning process.

Thanks to Google and other websites, you can get to learn virtually anything by simply keying in your questions in the search bar. Staying informed with matters sex will open your mind to great new sex ideas that will keep your romance sizzling.

You’ll not only gain sexual confidence, but the bond between both of you will grow stronger as well. Take whatever practical steps necessary to become the best you can be and unleash the passion in you.

Communication is Key

Your partner is not a mind-reader so keeping your partner guessing is setting your relationship up for disaster. It may be difficult for some people to talk about sex with their girlfriends or boyfriends openly.

However, though, communication is key for a sex-positive relationship to thrive. Let your partner know your likes and dislikes, your desire and your wildest fantasies.

Equally, they should be able to share their opinions openly as well. Furthermore, listening is also very essential for effective communication. Sex and intimacy is by and large influenced by how both people feel towards each other.

Therefore, it’s important always to talk it out.

Consent is Without a Doubt Necessary

The word consent is hardly on our lips and so, you may be a little uncertain about what it is or isn’t. in a sex-positive relationship, talking openly about what activity to engage in is essential.

It could be kissing, hugging, intercourse, or anything else. Moreover, you have a right to your own body and how you decide to use it is entirely up to you.

Pro Tip: Keep in Mind

Don’t assume that your partner means one thing when they mean another. Respect that when they don’t say “no” it doesn’t mean that’s a “yes.” If they say ”maybe…,” it doesn’t necessarily mean “yes,” and if someone remains silent, they’re probably unsure.

It’s All About Trust

Sex is a big deal in your life and so is trust in a sex-positive relationship. Trust means feeling secure emotionally and physically around your partner. Trusting them is essential in a sex-positive relationship.

You want to be sure that your partner will not force you into what you’re unsure of or don’t approve.

Trusting someone is a choice that you make, and you can work with your partner towards building it. On that note, it’s important for both partners to be able to trust each other. It’s two-way, thus requires mutual commitment.

Love Yourself

You must appreciate and love yourself before doing the same to someone else. Accepting your flaws and working towards self-improvement is one way of doing this. Loving yourself means following your gut, listening to your heart and doing whatever you want.

happy self-confident couple
In a sex-positive relationship it's important for both partners to trust each other.

You wouldn’t want to be that person who constantly whines about their ex or just talks hours on end about sad topics. You’ll want to stay positive so that when someone else falls in love with you, you’ll believe they truly are.

That’s because you’re head over hills in love with yourself and you’re simply amazing!

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