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The 8 Craziest Sex Records

There is a record for just about everything in the World, not least due to the popularity of the Guinness Book of Records. It is purely human nature to want to compare yourself to others. And lascivious disciplines which are only otherwise practised behind closed doors are no exception.

woman having multiple-orgasms
A woman experienced 134 orgasms in one hour!

We have the right, since there are always new crazy sex records which astonish us and even gives us the motivation to try and break them. We can guess one right at the start: The longest penis or the largest breasts are fairly unremarkable compared to the following sex records.

#1 Higher, faster, further

Horst Schultz is a German-American with a peculiar hobby which has brought him lots of crazy sex records. In the discipline of “distance ejaculation”, Schulz, who looks like he has been in training, shoots his ejaculate over a distance of over 18 feet.

This corresponds to a distance of 5.70 m, or the length of a luxury class saloon. As if that were not enough, Schultz has also achieved the record for the highest and fastest ejaculation with his speedy sperm. The latter refers to the speed of the ejaculate, not the speed of ejaculation.

#2 Never a dull moment

When it comes to multiple orgasms, women are at a clear advantage compared to men. But we never could have believed that the difference is so great. The record for the most orgasms in an hour is held by a trial subject of the sexologists Dr William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian, who together founded the “Center for Martial and Sexual Studies” in Long Beach.

The woman experienced an unbelievable 134 orgasms in one hour. That is the equivalent of two orgasms a minute. A man would probably not have survived this level of over stimulation. No wonder, the record for men, after all, lies at a comparatively small 16 orgasms an hour.

#3 A long line

The Japanese Masanobu Sato from Tokyo is a connoisseur through and through who prefers to take everything slowly. He never rushes things, not even when he masturbates.

The Japanese “Mr. Slowhand” has impressively demonstrated his “skill” at the Masturbate-A-Thon. The hobby handworker took 9 hours and 58 minutes until, completely exhausted, he ended his work with the final climax. With this, Sato set a unique record - the longest masturbation session without an interruption.

Incidentally, the married Japanese prefers to train in front of the TV, while his wife watches him and sews dresses.

#4 Powerful grip

Russian Tatiana Kozhenikova is just a normal woman in her 40’s. At first glance, one does not see that the mother is a real powerhouse.

Probably because her muscles are not bulging on her arms, but are hidden in her pelvic floor. With your vagina, Kozhevnikova has lifted a weight of 14 kilograms, hold it up for a moment and then let it fall - a new sex record!

To use the vagina to lift such heavy weights takes a lot of hard training and special trousers with an opening which Kozhevnikova cuts for herself. On her YouTube channel, the Russian has been demonstrating how women can strengthen their pelvic floor with weights for many years. Here, she also announced her next record attempt: Cracking nuts - with her vagina, of course.

#5 A strong piece

An Asian genital athlete has also impressively demonstrated that penises are also able to lift weights. Mo Ka Wang, from Hong Kong, lifted an unbelievable 120 kg in the air with his trained willy and secured the title of strongest penis in the world.

Mind you, the penis weight-lifter only uses his privates to lift the weight from the ground into the air. His penis is said to have survived the procedure unscathed, and is used to weight lifting due to many years of training. Unfortunately, we do not know whether Mo Ka Wang was able to achieve an extension of his best piece from the enormous weight.

#6 In order

A person has four sex partners in their life on average. There are always stark outliers above and below this figure. What US-American porn actress Lisa Sparks has had between the legs and has done on her knees, surpasses everything.

At the annual Eroticon festival in Poland in 2004, the lady had sex with an unbelievable 919 partners. For this incredible performance, the brunette, who was totally exhausted afterwards and had problems sitting down, required less than 12 hours. With this, she secured the record for the most sexual partners in 24 hours. This is probably a title for eternity.

#7 Sex instead of retirement

For at least five decades, Sheila Vogel-Coupes has been wearing a miniskirt, suspenders and high-heels with which to welcome her customers.

old couple being really sensual
At age 84, the oldest prostitute makes 250 GBp per hour.

At 87 years of age, she is the oldest prostitute in the world and says she has as much fun in her job as before. With ten customers per week and an hourly rate of 250 British Pounds, the old lady is in no way dependent on her pension and can live in luxury in her old age.

But the old lady isn’t doing it for the money. As she says herself, she gets a lot of pleasure of out sex. As do the men, it seems, who visit her regularly.

#8 Double trouble

The Fokkens twins from Amsterdam have similarly good stamina. They are the oldest escort twins in the world. For over 50 years now, the over-70's sisters Louise and Martine Fokkens have been going on the game.

In the Dutch city, the two ladies, with their lush busts, are at least as well-known as Van Gogh. According to their own figures, the twins have had sex with over 335,000 men in their lifetime. This “life achievement” would appear to be unbeatable, even for the lively Lisa Sparks.

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