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The 7 Hottest Sex Scenes

There are film scenes that are so funny that even the most serious viewers escape from their shells and cannot contain their laughter.

couple being romantic while watching films on the sofa
Some film scenes bring that lusty feeling to your bedroom.

Other scenes are so horrible that you only watch them with bated breath. And there are scenes that are so electric in their eroticism that viewers are left with a warm, lusty sensation. In the course of film history, there have been some such successful erotic moments in films which put lust and passion perfectly in the spotlight and have not been forgotten years and decades later.

Here, in chronological order, are the seven cinema sex scenes that have become genuine classics.

9 1/2 Weeks (1986): Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke

When it was broadcast in the 1980’s, the uncovered scenes of Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke angered the sensitivities of conservative viewers and even critics were sparing in their praise.

The film flopped at the box office in the USA, the hot scenes with fruit and ice cubes in “9 1/2 Weeks” became a true global success with the audience thanks to the chemistry between Basinger and Rourke.

They made sure that the famous scenes were quoted in countless other films and re-enacted in people’s bedrooms. It’s no wonder, then, that this film now enjoys a cult status.

Thelma & Louise (1991): Geena Davis & Brad Pitt

The hot sex scene between Brad Pitt and Geena Davies in "Thelma & Louise” was left out of the cinema cut, but fans have enjoyed it again and again on the DVD version of the cult road movie.

One way or another, after seeing this scene, it is clear why the film was Brad Pitt's breakthrough in Hollywood. Incidentally, Pitt has Geena Davis to thank for the fact that he got the role, since she found him very attractive at the casting stage and flatly refused a body double for the sex scene with Pitt.

Basic Instinct (1992): Sharon Stone & Michael Douglas

Paul Verhoeven's cult film "Basic Instinct" already made headlines before its cinema premiere. There were massive protests by homosexual and feminist groups who called for a boycott of the "scandalous film".

It is no wonder that the majority of the audience were not affected by this and the scene became a huge cinematic success. The film, described by the "Bild” as the “dirtiest film of all time", contains numerous erotic and revealing scenes.

He lives off its two main actors, Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, who not only lost all their inhibitions in the sex scenes, but who kept the sexual tension in the air with their intense sexual desire during the whole duration of the film.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999): Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise

A couple in real life at the time, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise probably showed their private side in the Stanley Kubrick’s last film “Eyes Wide Shut” and let the audience into their not entirely explicit, but always perfectly staged and incredibly intense love game.

For prudish America, the end of the Nineties was too much of a good thing, therefore, therefore, some of the scenes were cut out for the theatrical version of the film so that the film could obtain what was still the highest age release.

Monster's Ball (2001): Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton

Hollywood star Halle Berry received the coveted Oscar for her performance in "Monster's Ball", but many spectators probably still remember this film mainly because of the white-hot sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton. Hardly anyone knows today that it had been cut from the premiere of the film.

It is famous today, not least because of the rumour that it was this scene that was partly responsible for the end of the marriage between Billy Bob Thornton and his then wife Angelina Jolie. Jolie had just as hot a scene with Latino lover Antonio Banderas in “Original Sin”.

Original Sin (2001): Angelina Jolie & Antonio Banderas

Angelina Jolie didn’t just show a lot of naked flesh in “Original Sin”, she also showed a lot of lust between the sheets with Antonio Banderas.

Because the representation of the love scene was very realistic to viewers, the scene was significantly reduced for the cinema version.

Nevertheless, there has been a persistent rumour that they were not just acting and Banderas' then - very jealous - wife Melanie Griffith is even supposed to have had psychological help because of the very realistic scenes.

Mulholland Drive (2001): Naomi Watts & Laura Harring

Critics and the public held their breath and some viewers blushed!

Nevertheless, or precisely because of this - the sex-scene with Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in David Lynch is not just one of the best lesbian sex scenes in film history.

The equally sensual and disturbing scene is one of the most popular in many internet forums.

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