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The 5 Craziest Sex Toys

Dildos were used in the time of the ancient Greeks. Cleopatra is said to have made a type of vibrator from papyrus and enclosed bees.

different sex toys for adults
Sexual practice with the adequate sex toys will make the difference!

The first electric version of this giver of pleasure was used in the 19th Century. In the meantime, there have been countless love toys for all body orifices.

#1 The Cone - A vibrator for intense orgasms

The “Cone” vibrator acknowledges the misunderstanding that a sex toy is something indecent that you had best keep buried deep in the bottom of the drawer.

At first glance, the Cone looks a bit strange, some think it is more of a UFO than a sex toy. Behind it, there is an innovative concept for a vibrator. The soft and smooth surface, made of medical grade silicone, is very low-maintenance and invites you to sit on it. Women guide the tip of the cone into the vagina and gyrate their hips to increase the pressure.

It's cone shape only allows it to be inserted partially. But as soon as the cone is switched on, it provides unique hands-free pleasure. The Cone has a powerful motor and 16 varied vibration programs with different speeds and strengths. The orgasm mode gives you an unbelievably intense sexual experience.

The tsunami-like climaxes reach up into your stomach. The Cone is not only enjoyable for singles, but for couples too.

#2 Tenga 3D - The plastic pussy

There are as many artificial vaginas as grains of sand by the sea, but often the toys are so poor that even truckers soon get rid of them. Fortunately, the Japanese company Tenga, with its expertise in masturbation toys for men, has breathed new life into this sex toy.

The device, designated as a pleasure sculpture in Japan, is available in five different 3D designs. Thanks to the well-recognizable opening, the toy requires no user manual. Different surface structures give the user the desired sensation and ultimate stimulation. A spiral structure gently ensures intense pleasure. Different polygonal surfaces allow the conduct of the electrical stimuli.

Depending on the user’s choice, the stimuli provide either sparkling charming sensations or a pleasantly gentle stimulation. The Tenga 3D is made from stretchable elastomer material and is suitable for any penis size. A lubricant gel is recommended. After use, the part is turned to the left and can then be cleaned easily. According to the specification of the manufacturer, the masturbation aid can be used up to 50 times.

plastic vagina
The spiral structure gently ensures intense pleasure.

#3 Area 51 Alien Love Doll

What went on in Area 51 is still an enigma until this day. But no matter, the aliens left behind a blue love doll with three breasts, fully-trained reproductive organs and other body orifices.

Sex dolls are, in principle, nothing new, but the blue skin, the strange ears and the finger with suction cups are exactly right for those who enjoy galactic sex with aliens. For years, the existence of the love doll was kept secret in order to prevent people from enjoying this alien pleasure.

Finally, lonely men can understand what many people have been experiencing for decades: incredible sex with beings from a foreign world. Once inflated, the "being" also floats and is the sensation in the swimming pool. But be careful: Whoever has sex with the Area 51 sex doll will not be able to enjoy sex with humans again. Damned aliens!

#4 The Tongue Vibrator - Electric cunnilingus

It is supposed to give something to people who allow nothing on their crotch which is not battery operated.

Vibrators in the form of a human tongue are particularly intended for women. The small battery-powered and usually pink device is small and handy and fits in every handbag. With up to seven frequencies, the flexible silicone tongue stimulates the female clitoris without tiring.

Some use their vibrator on their tongue on their partner to spoil their partner orally with the tongue’s numerous nubs. With a little lube, the tongue vibrator is prefect for realistically simulating cunnilingus or as stimulation for the glans, inner side of the thigh and other erogenous zones.

Tongue vibrators are available from several manufacturers in a variety of designs. The device, made from skin-friendly silicone, is very quiet and can be easily cleaned with hot water.

#5 Renegade Rubber Latex Glove

Admittedly, not everyone knows at first glance how to start something with a rubber glove, however, it appears to offer a lot of possible uses for Renegade, especially in the BDSM scene. Fisting, so the penetration of the vagina with the fist, is not a new sexual practice and is certainly not practised rarely.

sexy naked woman standing with a dildo in her back
Start small and grow slowly!

While the female birth channel is naturally highly elastic, penetration of the anus brings even greater difficulties. The advice here is: Start small and grow slowly. The use of a rubber glove and lube is recommended for fisting for hygienic reasons. This significantly reduces the risk of injury and infection.

This sexual practice can be performed solo or with a partner. The simultaneous penetration of the anus and the vagina is also anatomically possible.

Important: The sphincter of the fisted person will need about two days to recover.

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