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15 Crazy Facts About the Vagina Everyone Should Know About

The vagina has always had almost mystical powers that no other part of the human body can replicate. As well as bring pleasure to both men and women, it is the point at which the vast majority of us enter the World.

Naked woman's body covered with red rose petals
The vagina is perhaps the most symbolic of all human body parts

The vagina is the yin and yang of the human condition. It serves as a pleasure portal that delivers the most sought-after sensations the body is capable of producing. But it can also be the source of the worst pain any human will ever experience.

So it should be of no surprise that there are several crazy facts about vaginas… and here are just a few of the most interesting.

1. The Vagina is Built for Pleasure

Sex is so enjoyable for human beings because nature needs it to be so. If sex didn’t deliver some seriously wonderful sensations, the desire to reproduce wouldn’t be so strong. This is perhaps why Mother Nature gave the vagina more nerve endings than any other part of the human body. Think of the vagina as the control centre for both the female and male orgasm!

2. Vaginas Differ in Size and Structure

Vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are small, while others are deep and wide. But it might surprise you to know that clitorises can be in many different positions. Some are found quite far away from the vaginal opening, and women with this type of clitoris often find it difficult to climax — making oral sex so much more important.

3. Vaginas Know When it’s Time to Make Babies

The vagina is an incredibly efficient structure that can let a woman know it’s baby-making time. If the mucus in and around the vagina is rubbery and clear, it could be time to get down to business.

4. The Vagina Allows Women to Climax in Four Different Ways

Yes, that’s right, guys. The vagina can make women climax in ways you never thought possible. There are actually four different ‘pleasure’ zones in the vagina that lead to four very different types of orgasm. The four types are: clitoral, vaginal, blended and multiple. Guys… the next time your wife or girlfriend complains about your sexual performance, remind her of this interesting fact.

5. Vaginas look after themselves

Did you know that the vagina has become so efficient over thousands of years that it has learned how to clean itself? Naturally produced chemicals do the job of the very best hygiene products. Not only that, some products on the market can interfere with the PH levels in the vagina, which can actually cause unpleasant odours and discharges. And it may surprise you to discover that the mouth contains more bacteria than the average vagina!

Sexy woman in the bathtub
There are 4 different ‘pleasure’ zones in the vagina, enjoy!

6. Vaginas and Sharks Have Something in Common

Imagine if Steven Spielberg had been pitched an idea of a killer vagina prowling the coast of Massachusetts. He probably would have turned that gig down. But then again, he probably didn’t realise that sharks and lady parts have something in common. Did you know that the squalene, a natural compound found in shark liver oil, is also found in vaginal lubricant? So the next time you think it’s safe to go back into the water, think again!

7. There is a ‘World’s Strongest Vagina’ Competition

Did you know that the vagina is capable of lifting considerable weight all on its own. Indeed, a lady by the name of Tatyana Kozhevnikov lifted 30 pounds used her vaginal muscles to hold onto a wooden egg that was attached to 30-pound weights. Apparently Tatyana puts her incredible vaginal strength down to just five minutes of exercise a day. And she also says that having a super-strong vagina helps her to pleasure her man in the bedroom.

8. Vaginas Are Strong Enough to Lock a Penis in Place

This is absolutely true! It must be, as doctors have given the occurrence a name! ‘Penis captivus’ is the medical term used to describe a penis being held captive by a vagina. It’s all to do with muscles spasms, which are strong enough to involuntarily ‘lock on’ to a penis and not let go. There have been several reported cases of penis captivus during the last few years, most of which require medical intervention to put right. That has to be one of the most embarrassing hospital visits anyone has endured.

9. Being Promiscuous Doesn’t Give Women the Infamous ‘Clown’s Pocket’

Contrary to popular belief, the vagina has inbuilt elasticity that means it doesn’t become larger and looser because of too much sex. In fact, the vagina naturally loosens when women are sexually aroused in order to allow a penis inside. After sex, the vagina reverts to its original shape and size.

10. The Clitoris Has a Lot in Common with the Penis

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her clitoris fills with blood and becomes erect. This is pretty much the same process that gives a man an erection. And just like penises, clitoris size can differ significantly.

11. A Vagina that Works Out is Capable of Producing More Intense Orgasms

The vagina is packed with muscle, which means giving it a regular workout with regular kegels can strengthen it considerably. And the stronger those muscles get, the more intense orgasms can become.

Man on bed smiling while looking a naked lady
The vagina produces many wonderful sensations while having sex

12. Vaginas Revert to Their Original Size After Childbirth

Contrary to popular belief, the vagina reverts back to its original shape and size after birth — even after giving birth to a 10-pound baby. However, this process can take up to six months to complete. And there’s real research behind this particular fact. A study conducted in 1996 concluded the average vaginal size before and after giving birth was the same.

13. Some Women Are Born without a Hymen

There is a common misconception that women with a hymen are still virgins. However, a lot of women are born without a hymen, and the vast majority of them never know it. It is only the thicker hymens that are not easily penetrated by a penis that are noticed.

14. A Woman’s Vagina Can Smell Like the Foods She Ate Recently

There is a body of evidence that suggests a woman’s diet can directly affect the smell of her vagina. For instance, strong foods such as garlic, curcumin and chilli may affect a vagina’s odour several hours after being eaten.

15. The Vagina Can Protrude Outside the Body

A condition known as utero-vaginal prolapse involves the vagina protruding outside the body. This can happen after childbirth or menopause due to a lack of muscular strength and support in the pelvic area. Fortunately, this nasty condition can be rectified with surgery. This is one reason why women are encouraged to do pelvic floor exercises during and after a pregnancyThe vagina is a truly incredible structure. Self-sufficient, strong, flexible, intuitive and multifunctional, it is perhaps the most symbolic of all human body parts. Giving pleasure to millions of people around the World every day, the humble vagina plays a very special role in human life. So the next time you come face to face with one, treat it with the tender, loving care it deserves!

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