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Songs to Have as Your Rough Sex Playlist

A number of people have given up on the rough sex playlist; probably because the songs are quite hard to identify. Well, many people have been there. How about learning a few songs that you can safely incorporate into your rough sex playlist?

couple having rough sex with a guitar aside
Are you looking for some music while having rough sex?

It's mind-blowing, right? Music is known to build love. More importantly, music can be quite vital in setting up the pace for sex. That's amazing! Listening to some silky R&B love songs can really set the mood.

However, most people have been looking for songs to set the mood for something more; rough sex! Of course, you don't expect to see rough sex acts on the songs, they're meant to make you do it. Perhaps you'll want to try out the following songs.

#1 Danger High Voltage- Electric Six

Interestingly, this song does not hide anything in their hilariously naughty music video. Well, nothing is wrong with that. However, listening to it definitely drives you to not only getting laid; but riding quite hard.

#2 I’m a Slave for You- Britney Spears

The energy levels in this hit’s video speak volumes. When listening to such a single when playing sex, you’ll definitely ride it rough. Of course, your man will crazily be into you. If he isn’t into this, tell him to leave. He’ll definitely be for it!

#3 Bad Things- Jace Everett

One thing that is quite inevitable when watching the single is the sexual tension this song will give. The background to the song alongside the scenes in the song will turn you on for more than just sex; a little rougher and smashing!

#4 Crazy Bitch- BuckCherry

Well, this is not for everyone. But the few that tries it out always tell the difference. BuckCherry brings up the quest for a rough love making. Ranging from the musicality, the scenes, and the instrumentation, you’re assured of a rougher moment!

#5 I’ve Had the Time of My Life- Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

This song comes with a number of things to make the moment quite worthwhile. You’ll love the dirty dance associated with the song. The crazy moves by Ryan Goslings will definitely turn you on for a hotter night! How about the blazing Emma Stone? You’re just assured of a steamed night; get ready for a rough one night stand!

#6 I’ll Make Love to You- Boyz II Men

Well, listening to ‘I’ll make love to you’ is definitely getting ready to get laid. Stacie’s performance in the hit is breathtaking. You’ll love the sight of the music video as well as sail with the pace; definitely it’s going to be a rough one!

#7 “Untitled (How does it feel?)” - D’Angelo

The soul man D’Angelo is quite an extraordinary songwriter. The video “Untitled” is such an amazing song to watch. The singer remaining naked all through the song makes it sexy; you’ll want to see how he licks his lips as he refrains the song. Of course, this song is an award winner as the sexiest video. One thing about it is the unbearable climax the song can take you.

If you’re anticipating sex, don’t be shy. Allow the song to play two or even ten times to set the right mood.

#8 Need You Tonight- INXS

This is probably one of the top hits in the sex world! The front man Michael Hutchence brings it up like he really means it. Reading through the lines, he is perfect to bring the world to the moment.

Actually, there’s a line in the song that says, “All we’ve got is this moment.” Literally, this will bring the whole world to a halt and make you do crazy stuff. The song is quite a weapon to turn her on and make it more than romantic sex!

Allow her to listen to the lines of the song, she’ll definitely feel crazy and more than willing to take the game quite far!

#9 Bang Bang- Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande

Of course, you can tell by listening to the hit that things are meant to really heat up! Well, the title itself is literally a euphemism for having sex. The energies in the music video will definitely turn you on for a rougher moment. You’ll have to play it rough with her on this music.

#10 Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift

The shift by Taylor from talking about being in love to making love with her boyfriend sparks the mood of the song. You’ll love the musicality and how the sound sails you down to a rough love making moment. The music video will definitely work the magic!

#11 Lay Lady Lay- Bob Dylan

Perhaps you’ll want to listen to the Dylan’s ‘Lay Lady Lay’. Although Zimmerman was calling out his crushes in the song, the lyrics and musicality will sail your mind away! Listening to this single when making love will definitely usher you to rough sex!

#12 Sexy MF- Prince

This 1992 track is a sultry scorcher of our times; perhaps the best one for lovemaking. You’ll want to listen to the crazy lyrics and delivery that epitomize Prince’s libidinous swagger. That’s alright! The killer groove is bound to keep you hot and crazy all night long.

#13 Walk on By- Isaac Hayes

Perhaps you have a good taste of soul music. That’s alright! The ‘Walk on by’ hit can well suit your sex life. First, you’re assured of a horny listening experience. The song super arouses you and prepares you for a rough anticipated sex.

The mood created by the hit is enough to make you run rough all night!

Learning the songs that facilitate easy banging can be worthwhile. Of course, a number may think that having sex with music is weird. However, great moves are hidden in music. Music creates you the mood and ambiance that goes a long way.

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